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8 Incredible Health and Wellness Dream Destinations After Covid-19 | maison ito

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

If a mixture of adventure and relaxation has been calling your name, then head to one of these exotic destinations for a wellness retreat. These exquisite getaways offer luxurious accommodation, outdoor excursions and onsite fitness activities, plus a chance to connect with like-minded people who prioritize health and wellness.

Whether you want sand and sunshine or you prefer a luscious green landscape, these are our 8 top dream destinations to help you cherry-pick your next journey post-Covid-19.

#1 Holistic Healing — Kandy, Sri Lanka

Santani Wellness Resort & Spa, Kandy - Credit: Mahesh Mendis, Thilina Wijesiri

A country full of heritage and lush scenery, the majority of its wellness retreats reside along their palm fringed beaches. This precious jewel situated in the Indian Ocean is a popular destination for yoga lovers. It has become one of the best places for classic yoga retreats filled with the country’s famous aromatic tea and golden sunsets.

We recommend a wellness retreat rooted around Ayurveda, the country’s native healing system, such as the Santani Wellness Resort & Spa.

#2 Digital Detox — Nosara, Costa Rica

Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort — Credit: Bodhi Tree

Costa Rica has gained attention as a nature-lover's dream destination due to its whitesand beaches, lush jungle and majestic volcanoes. Heard of its national slogan “Pura Vida”? It roughly translates to “the simple life” and is embodied in everything Costa Rican from its slow pace and friendly people. In fact, it’s been named the happiest country in the world time and time again, proving that its mindful way of living makes it an ideal place for yoga and wellness retreats.

We recommend Bodhi Tree Resort for its tailor-made private yoga retreats and surf lessons, its jungle-view, its spa and daily excursions.

#3 Blissful Harmony — Siena, Italy

Castel Monaster, Italy: outside view and room view on vineyards — credit: booking

From abbeys and castles to old farmhouses and vineyards, a Tuscan vacation is filled with charming adventure. Head to Chiantishire, the most lavish piece of Tuscany. The nearby vineyards grow delectable wine and the hilly fields are straight from a Medieval fresco.

We recommend an authentic Tuscan experience at Castel Monastero, offering a variety of health and wellness packages. Enjoy the rustic-chic stylings of the medieval village and monastery just a short distance from Siena.

#4 3D Tranquility — Benguerra Island, Mozambique

Kisawa Sanctuary, Mozambique — Credit: Kisawa Sancturay

The Benguerra Island showcases a mixture of forest, sand dunes, and turquoise waters that stretch for miles. The location is ideal for cultural celebration and environmental conservation, allowing you to find harmony with nature.

We recommend the World's first 3D-printed sand-build retreat and environmentally-conscience craftsmanship of Kisawa Sanctuary With an opening initially scheduled this Summer 2020), this luxury hotel rooted around traditional Mozambican dwellings. Your trip includes a spacious bungalow with a personal beachfront and a spa specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

#5 Luxury Getaway — Bali, Indonesia

Como Shambhala Estate Suite — Credit: Como Shambhala Estate

The simple act of stepping foot in Bali is enough to ooze a sense of rejuvenation and excitement. With its endless number of luxury resorts nestled in jungles or alongside white-sand beaches, the Balinese lifestyle is based on yoga values. Bali is recognized as a hub spot for retreats, so it’s hard to choose just one.

Como Shambhala Estate is a dream resort with spa and guided exploration tours, like their one-of-a-kind rice field cycling routes and bike challenges.

#6 Vibrant Exploration — Marrakech, Morocco

Om Yoga Marocco — Credit: Om Yoga

Not all retreats have to be a long distance away from the metropolitan area. The colorful souks, vibrant city sounds, and traditional textiles make Marrakech a playful location for adventure and soul-searching. And when time is left after exploring mosques, palaces and gardens, you have the nature of Sahara dunes and traditional palms to see as well.

Why not try this 7-day Luxury Yoga Retreat in Marrakech with OmYoga.

#7 Mind-Body Reset — Gastein Valley, Austria

These Austrian spa and ski towns are located in High Tauern mountains south of Salzburg, surrounded by 200 km of pistes, hot springs, and alpine landscapes. Much more than a playground for winter sports, it’s also a nearby escape for calming replenishment in the crisp air.

Put Gastein Yoga Days on your bucket list. It’s the biggest event of its kind in Europe and only takes place twice a year — 10 days filled with yoga, meditation, cooking, dance, and more.

#8 Mindfulness — Squaw Valley, USA

Wanderlust in Melbourne — Credit: Wanderlust

More than ever, practicing mindfulness—connecting in the present moment with your thoughts, feelings, and your body—helps us become our most vibrant selves. Wanderlust is focused on just that —a celebration of mindful living featuring well-known instructors, musicians, chefs, and speakers.

It takes place each year at select mountain resorts within the USA but also hosts a smaller event, Wanderlust 108, in 25 cities outside the US. It's a day-trip filled with a 5k run, Sun Salutations, and meditation to blend creativity and community.

A little escape is not just the key to less stress but happy skin, too.

Here are 3 ways a retreat helps improve your skin on a deeper level:

  • Nutrition: As most retreats include chef-prepared whole food menus, the abundance of vitamins and antioxidants nourish your skin from the inside out.

  • Fitness: Breaking a sweat to remove unwanted toxins and helps bring fresh oxygen to your complexion for a natural glow.

  • Pampering: Meditation, self-care activities, fitness, and a calming environment are key for relaxing expression lines and a natural glow.

Sculpting face massage in Emilie Celine's hands – Credit: Maison Ito Barcelona

Travels may be canceled but you are all allowed to dream, and enjoy the ancient anti-aging rituals of Japanese facelift massage. At Maison Ito, we evoke a retreat’s essence of stress relief, facial fitness for better skin, and a sensory experience that leaves you refreshed within 60 or 90 minutes.


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