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Émilie cÉline

Émilie Céline is French born, Barcelona-based and asian inspired massage facialist, and mum of Ella. She is passionate about all aspects of wellness including skin, nutrition, exercise, and mindset. She aims at achieving awesome results for her clients to empower them with lifestyle, fitness, and the best self-care advice.

When she started performing facial massages, something just clicked. It was when she was living in south of China when she first was introduced to the chinese massages. After years of working and exploring Asia, it was in sunny Barcelona, Spain when she first discovered this specific holistic approach of skin care, after an intense workout in 2014.
Trained and certified in Paris by the master of the Sculptural Face Lifting and the buccal massage – Yakov Gerschkovich – and from the Madrid's japanese school of shiatsu, her techniques boost muscle tone and blood flow to the skin. This means plumper cheeks, higher brows, and less of those deep worry lines. A deep fitness training for the face, and surprisingly relaxing.

Émilie Céline is an authority on non-surgical anti-ageing. She will gladly share her best tips for healthy skin so you can grow older glowingly and more confident.

Constantly in search for the best organic products, oils and experiences, her challenge for Maison Ito will be to innovate and provide with a fabulous customer experience.

She is secretly hoping to make her mark in the world of wellness.

Émilie is welcoming her guests - upon previous reservation - at the Spa at Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona, and for occasional pop-ups at Hotel Schweizerhof in Zürich.


Émilie Céline, Founder at Maison Ito, Barcelona

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