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Mens' Grooming

What every man should know

Beard is trendy, beard is sexy but - clean and healthy. Ladies agree.

Every man should know that, like the hair on top of his head, beards require maintenance. Like your body muscles, your face muscles need to be trained for healthy skin appearance. Massaging, hydrating, and nurturing the skin on your face is simply paramount to its performance.

Now located at the Spa at Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona, Maison Ito has created a place for maintaining your handsomeness at its best level. 


Maison Ito is proudly introducing the first face+beard massage. Growing, and wearing a beard – that essential symbol of manly distinction since ancient times – will now become much easier. 

Time's up for cavemen! Our beard ritual has been created inspired by Anma and japanese techniques originally developped for samurais after their long fights, as japanese practioners were supposed to keep them healthy, and fit.


Massaging  facial muscles is just as important as any fitness routine for the rest of your body. This unique workout will result in a very relaxing but tonifying deep tisue massage inspired by various asian massage techniques. Our natural facelift and beard massage would become your new beard health essentials, especially to:

  • nurture your hair,

  • avoid itchiness, 

  • eliminate beardruff,

  • become a finely-bearded gent.

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The beard man massage promotes beard growth, moisturizes, and makes your beard stylish, and easier to style.​ 

We proceed with a gentle beard wash, a face cleansing and peeling, then a massage for your face, and your dear beard. It also includes head, neck and shoulders – all customized with specific skincare and oils for gentlemen's needs. 

The beard ritual will consist in a manual moderate to deep tissue massage with all natural oil with distinctive woody scents

Mother nature as its best as our therapist uses only natural french and swiss-made products and beard care, all made to work.

This will results in a stylish, fresh looking, and nicely scented beard. La Crème de la Crème in the heart of Barcelona!

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All gentlemen wearing a beard, obviously. It's perfect for newly bearded men,  or if you want to grow one as it stimulates the growth, and helps with hair discipline.

Achieve higher performance now - athletes, sports amateurs, crossfitters will also love it for regenerating body, and soul after an intense workout.

No beard? No problem! Gentlemen without beard can book our Signature Face Massage.


Massage your beard at Maison Ito and deeply nourish, soften and style your beard

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90 | 60 mins

'A well-groomed, fresh looking

and nice scent beard.' 

maison ito

Beard Treatment - Maison Ito

REVITALIZING beard and all-natural face massage. Inspired by samurais' recovery massages, you’ll experience the balance of manliness, beards, and handsomeness thriving in harmony. Grooming, growing, and having a sexy beard is simple with Maison Ito. Enjoy refreshed skin and a beard that’s soothed, moisturized, and fragrant with our natural, rugged, wood-scented beard oil.

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Massage your beard at Maison Ito and deeply nourish, soften and style your beard

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90 | 60 mins

StimULatING facelift massage. Maison Ito's signature massage is a facial experience that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and gives a youthful glow to the skin. Combining ancient Asian and modern techniques, it is designed to contour, lift, and detoxify your skin using hands-on sculpting and lymphatic drainage. Our signature massage will leave you looking radiant and feeling more confident. 
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We are available by appointment only. Our salon is located at the Spa at Mandarin Oriental Barcelona. You can also find us during occasional pop-ups at Hotel Schweizerhof in Zürich. To make an appointment, please use our website, WhatsApp +34 613 08 85 90, or e-mail us at with your name, phone number, and the date & time preferred. You will receive an email or phone call confirming your booking with us.

We can be reached in french, english and spanish. 

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