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A Beginner’s Guide to the Maison Ito Experience | maison ito

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

So, you’ve taken the brilliant initiative to level up from conventional wellness and have read about our transformative facials. If you’re a holistic health newbie and want to make the best of your new experience, you’ve come to the right place. The Maison Ito team is here to happily guide you through the wonderful world of face massage. Our facialist Emilie Céline has crafted an array of facelifts and add-ons that you can easily customize to fulfill your natural skincare dreams. Not sure where to start? Continue reading to discover how you can tailor your Maison Ito experience to your personal needs.


Photo credit: The Signature, maison ito

| What are your wellness goals?

We believe that everyone is one in a million and feel that you should be treated as such. To start you off on the right path to feeling more naturally vibrant, simply answer the questions below and use your responses to help find the right experience for you. Still feel like you need some special treatment? We know the feeling, which is why our massages can also be further customised with nourishing organic oils and skincare. Not to mention, we also have healing add-ons that will take you one step closer to revealing your inner glow.

Photo credit: The Guasha Ritual, maison ito

| Would you rather?

A. Relax and treat sensitive or inflamed skin

B. Improve skin health and experience tension relief

C. Treat yourself to a facial before the baby arrives

D. Learn skin wellness and anti-ageing tips

E. Simply give the gift of a great wellness experience

A - Reenergize your face and treat sensitive or sagging skin, leaving it more toned with The Signature massage. Guests who’ve already experienced Kobido, Anma, Shiatsu or any fusion of ancient and modern techniques will particularly enjoy this experience. Those looking for complete bliss should choose the Premium Signature, as it includes 30 extra minutes of this facelift massage with hot towels, a nutrient serum and an optional rejuvenating face mask.

B - Release the super you and focus on skin health and tension relief with The Power-Yoga massage. Guests who do a lot of sport or are prone to holding stress in parts of their face will feel more balanced after this experience. The Premium Power-Yoga massage offers more time for relaxation and to focus on a specific area where you may be experiencing facial tensions or asymmetry, as well as an optional organic face mask that calms and brightens the skin.

C - Reveal your natural maternal glow while you enjoy ultimate relaxation and get absolutely pampered with the Mum-to-Be massage. Guests looking to soothe skin which may be troubled from their pregnancy will adore this calming experience. For the cherry on top, select the Premium Mum-to-Be massage to focus on a specific area and have the choice of an organic face mask that will leave your skin feeling velvety smooth.

D - For the more hands-on types, we’ve also got something for you! If you’re hoping to naturally care for your skin in the long-run, consider a Personal Coaching session with our facialist Emilie Céline. She will guide you through tips that are tailor-made for your lifestyle and provide you with an easy routine to manually massage your skin for brilliant results.

F- What do you get the person who has everything? A soothing wellness experience, of course! A Maison Ito gift card is the perfect option for friends and loved ones who deserve some rest and relaxation. From the bearded gentleman to the soon-to-be mother, there are soothing and energizing facial massages that are sure to please everyone you know.

Photo credit: The Inner Facial, maison ito

| Are you experiencing any issues with your skin?

A. Wrinkles or sagging skin

B. Acne or pigmentation

C. Puffiness

D. Tired eyes and dark circles

Customize your massage by choosing add-ons that target your skin issues.

A - Hailed by critics far and wide as the non-surgical facelift, The Inner Facial add-on will restore your radiance and smooth fine lines. Even Duchess Meghan Markle and Keira Knightley adore this transformative massage.

Combat the signs of ageing and breath new life into your face by choosing The Facial Cupping add-on. This add-on uses the ancient art of cupping to stimulate the face from the inside out and leave it looking more plump and youthful.

B or C - Get the guasha glow with The Guasha Ritual add-on. This healing add-on uses the ancient ritual of guasha —a semi-precious and smooth stone— to treat acne and pigmentation, promote lymphatic drainage, contour your face, and even reduces puffiness.

D - Say goodbye to bags and under-eye circles from long, restless nights. Our new cryotherapy add-on, The Eye Revival, uses cool ice globes to revive and uplift the under-eye area to leave you looking renewed and fresh faced.

| What do you hope to achieve from your visit to Maison Ito?

A. A feeling of calm and relaxation

B. More radiant, youthful skin

C. Skin that’s more toned and rejuvenated

D. A fuller, healthier beard

E. Gentleman’s skincare tips

F. Game-changing tips for a healthier skin

A or B - All of our massages can help soothe and relax the mind, leading most guests to doze off into a calm sleep. However, guests looking for more glowing and vibrant skin will particularly enjoy the energizing Signature massage. The transformative manual techniques in this massage are very dynamic, but the soothing rhythm will soon have you drifting off onto cloud nine.

A or C - Anyone searching for more toned and rejuvenated skin can choose between The Power-Yoga and The Mum-to-be. The Power-Yoga massage is perfect for health fanatics who are used to doing plenty of exercise, but may need some help relaxing their muscles. Whereas, The Mum-to-be is ideal for the blossoming mother who is looking for a calming experience.

A or D - As for those looking for healthier beards, The Beard Man massage can help grow your beard and cultivate a rugged, yet sexy look. Gents searching for a little extra ‘me’ time will enjoy the Premium Beard Man, which provides more time for relaxation and uses an ultra-potent serum and nourishing oil to make your beard irresistible.

E - Wellness tips that cater to gentlemen’s lifestyles can also be found through a combination of massages and coaching. Our facialist, Emilie Céline, can’t wait to help you reach your wellness goals by offering you tips and helping you craft a routine that’s all about you.

F - Ladies hoping to boost their nighttime beauty rituals, Emilie Céline is happy to offer lifestyle tips inspired by her holistic health training and experience as a personal fitness coach. Make it a party when you schedule a session for you and your best friend, complete with a glass of cava. Upon request at

| Your Maison Ito experience

Haute couture designers aren’t the only ones offering customised and exquisite experiences. At Maison Ito, we aim to provide custom-tailored, soothing, and relaxing experiences for all of our guests. Expect to enjoy soft and calming music, delicate Japanese-inspired decor, as well as botanical oils and scents inspired by the south of France. With an experience that’s designed just for you, we are confident that you will leave our wellness salon feeling refreshed, renewed, and more like your natural self.

| Book your massage

Are you ready to enter the world of holistic health and wellness at Maison Ito? Then, it’s time to schedule your appointment. After reading this guide, you should have a better idea of how our facialist Emilie Céline will use her expertly trained hands to reveal a more vibrant you. If you’re looking to share this natural wellness experience with a friend or loved one, be sure to check out our guide to Maison Ito’s gift cards. After all, everyone deserves a nice pampering!

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