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The Inner Facial: Sculpting Your Face from Inside and Out | maison ito

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Have you heard of the unique face massage that Meghan Markle and J-Lo swear is a non-surgical face-lift? This highly sought-after technique was even recently mentioned in the New York Times as the secret to eternal youth. We’ll give you a hint: It involves a facialist putting her hands into your mouth to sculpt your features from the inside out.

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It’s called the Inner Facial, also known as the Buccal or intra-oral massage, and it isn’t your traditional spa experience. Emilie Celine, facialist at Maison Ito, mastered the technique last Spring when she trained with the creator of this method. Today, Emilie is helping us dive into the benefits, technique, and sensations behind the most advanced facial massage on the market.

| What is This Elusive Inner Facial?

The intra-oral facial was created alongside the Sculptural Face Lifting Method, both hatched and coined by Yakov Gershkovich — leading specialist in the field of facial aesthetics. This face-lifting massage was a holistic approach to tightening and toning the face without fillers —and was an instant success. Yakov now travels the world to teach his method to a select number of professionals.

“We learned how to sculpt the muscles both of the face and inside of the mouth,” Emilie Celine tells us, referring to her training under Yakov Gershkovich in Paris. “I now adore adding the Inner Facial to our signature face massages because it makes me feel like I'm doing creative, fine artwork,” she says, adding that her guests see results after just one session.

“At Maison Ito, we’ve redefined these sculpting facials by tailoring each ritual to your unique skin goals,” says Emilie. “Our mission is most aligned with haute-couture, as we add luxurious oils, delicate scents, and handcrafted massage for an unforgettable experience.”

| Here’s What to Expect

Facialist Emilie Celine begins by pressing gently around the decolletage and jawline. This stimulates the lymph which feeds the skin with fresh blood flow during the massage, creating that undeniable rosy glow. The sculptural (outer) massage lasts for 45 to 60 minutes. Emilie smooths muscle tension, contours the face, and creates an irresistibly relaxing environment.

When you’re eased and feeling dreamy, Emilie performs to the inner facial, also referred to as a Buccal massage. Wearing thin gloves, she moves into the inside of the mouth to gently knead your inner cheek, focusing around the laugh line area and along the jaw muscles. The intra-oral portion of the ritual may be a new sensation for you, but it is in no way painful.

The first time can feel slightly uncomfortable but Emilie’s cozy atmosphere and sensational scents make it a great experience. She will simply ask to open up and close your mouth twice, without clenching, to relax the jaw during this portion.

After the treatment, your complexion will feel youthfully taut; your jawline and cheekbones more defined. Some might feel a little soreness in the muscles, but it’s uncommon. The results last for several days and can be seen immediately after the experience.

| The Benefits of an Inner Facial with a Signature Face Massage

Face Sculpting

Think of a handmade facial like going to the gym for your face. It works quickly to re-train the muscles of the face toward youthful definition and natural lift.

Facial Correction

Because most faces aren’t perfectly symmetrical, the trained facialist may work one side slightly more than the other. You’ll feel and see the harmony throughout your complexion.

Wrinkle Reduction

The highly-specialized facial will help to de-puff, firm, and tighten the face. This naturally softens the look of wrinkles while the inner facial shapes the cheeks, jaw, lips, and smoothens laughter lines.

Stress Relief

The moulding massage is a pain-free, therapeutic experience designed to melt away the day’s stress.

Lymphatic Drainage

This is a detoxification process that brings fresh blood to the skin’s surface for a healthy glow. It also helps to rejuvenate the complexion, allowing your skin to better heal itself naturally.

Tension Release

We tend to hold a lot of tension around the jawline. The intra-oral experience dissolves facial stress, including symptoms of TMJ, leaving you with a light and supple feeling.

| How to Get the Best Results

You can think of the Inner Facial like exercise. While one workout is beneficial, you’ll see quality results from an introductory period—that is, one session every 10 days for two months. After that sculpting period, we recommend one maintenance appointment every month.

When performed regularly, long term results include relaxation of tight jaw muscles (due to deep massage on the chewing muscles), noticeably plumper lips, and smoother facial lines.

Would you like to experience the inner facial for yourself? Book your appointment with facialist Emilie Celine of Maison Ito, expert-trained in the Inner facial and sculpting techniques.


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