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2024's Wellness Revolution: Emilie Céline's Guide to Year's Must-Try Health Trends | maison ito

Updated: Mar 13

woman in a field replacing her hair

Photo credit: Maison Ito

Welcome to a fresh chapter in wellness, where self-care is the new manifesto. Let's unravel this year's most buzzworthy trends with Emilie Céline, our go-to facialist and guru for all things glam and healthy. From redefining our travel experiences to embracing new fitness routines, let's dive into the fabulous world of wellness and discover what's in store for us to try this year!


1| DIY Health Diagnostics: The Self-Care Power Move

woman's hands putting a key in a device

Photo credit: Cue Health

Say goodbye to the days of waiting rooms and welcome the convenience of at-home health diagnostics. McKinsey reports that a notable 26% of U.S. consumers are now their own health detectives, diagnosing vitamin deficiencies from the comfort of their living rooms.


Emilie’s choice: She's intrigued by Cue Health's at-home diagnostic kits, which offer an array of health assessments including heart, sexual health, and vitamin D testing.


2| Smart Wearables: The New Wellness Companion

woman wearing watch holding a cup in the street and replacing her hair

Step into a world where your wristwatch does more than tell time – it's a gateway to your health, thanks to the evolution of smart wearables These innovative devices are more than step counters; they're your personal health and wellness trackers, offering features like continuous glucose monitoring and advanced sleep analysis. Just imagine, a gadget tells you more about your sleep than your dreams do!


Emilie’s tip: "Think of smart wearables like the Fitbit or Apple Watch as your mini wellness gurus. They quietly nudge you towards healthier choices, track progress, and even celebrate your victories—big and small."


3| Low-Intensity Workouts: Your Muscles' Best Kept Secret

Easy on the joints and mighty on the muscles, low-intensity workouts are the unsung heroes of the fitness world. Embrace the gentle power of yoga, Pilates, and tai chi, acclaimed by Women's Health Magazine for enhancing mood, reducing stress, and improving sleep, all with a low-impact approach. Ideal for those seeking a softer way to fitness without compromising on results, these workouts typically focus on small, controlled movements to strengthen muscles, enhance posture, and boost flexibility.


Emilie’s spin: " I'm honestly all for variety over trend-chasing in my fitness journey. In Barcelona, a Barrefit or Concept Barre class can really reveal those hidden muscles—sometimes with an intensity that belies their 'low-impact' label, depending on your instructor!".


4| AI-Powered Fitness: Customized for Your Unique Journey


In an era where customization is key, a significant portion of US millennials prefer health products tailored to their individual needs. This trend paves the way for AI-powered fitness, where advanced technology is combined with a personal touch. Imagine a fitness tracker that not only monitors your heart rate but also designs workouts in tune with your mood and stress levels—essentially a pocket-sized personal trainer, equipped with smart insights instead of motivational speeches.


Emilie’s tip: Check out Whoop for a bespoke fitness journey that harmonizes with your daily beat.



5| Clinical Over Clean: The New Skincare Regimen

Say goodbye to the era where 'natural' was the skincare gold standard—today, it's all about the clinical stamp of approval. We're trading in lavender scents for lab-certified results.


Emilie's verdict: Despite her love for all things natural, she confesses, "Isdin's clinically-backed SPF is a game-changer, offering protection without weighing down my skin, even during the sweatiest summer workouts."


6| Doctor-Endorsed Wellness: Trust Goes Medical

Move over Instagram influencers, doctors are taking the wellness spotlight. According to McKinsey, doctor recommendations are now a top influence in wellness purchases. So, next time you're contemplating a new supplement, you might want to ask your doc instead of your favorite blogger.


Emilie's advice: Tune into Dr. Whitney Bowe for skin secrets and download the Ada Health app for health advice you can trust. "A doctor's nod may mean more than a hundred influencer posts," Emilie reminds us, tipping her former personal trainer's cap to expert-approved care.


7| Transformative Travel: Journeys That Nourish

view of an infinite pool with relaxing chairs overlooking a landscape with mountains

Photo credit: Sha Wellness Clinic

We're not just traveling; we're transforming. This trend focuses on trips that nourish us intellectually, mentally, and creatively. According to National Geographic, there's been a notable 30% increase in the demand for wellness breaks. Imagine indulging in sylvotherapy (forest bathing), engaging in food bootcamps, or even trying something as unique as puppy yoga! It's all about experiences that enrich our souls.


Emilie's suggestion: Book your getaway with Six Senses for a global wellness odyssey, or check into The Body Camp in Mallorca. "Travel should be transformative," Emilie reflects, recalling her Asian odysseys, "feeding not just our bodies but our entrepreneurial/creative spirits."


8| Lymphatic Massage: A Detox Delight


woman receing a massage with hands of a therapist on her temples

Photo credit: Maison Ito

Instagram has the inside scoop on the hottest wellness trend: lymphatic drainage massages! But wait, it's not just any massage; it's the ultimate full-body detox experience.


Picture this: Your body is a well-oiled machine with intricate lymphatic vessels working tirelessly to whisk away waste and toxins. However, sometimes, these vital pathways can get clogged, leaving you feeling anything but your radiant self.


Emilie’s choice: Book a retreat like Tamara Falco or other celebrities at SHA Wellness Clinic in Alicante for the ultimate luxurious retreat basking in the glorious Spanish sun. When it comes to facial transformation and the art of lymphatic massage, Maison Ito reigns supreme. It's not just about detox; it's about achieving a level of relaxation and radiance you never thought possible.


9| The AI Mental Health Revolution: Tech for Your Thoughts


Mental health is getting a futuristic facelift with AI stepping in as our pocket-sized counselors. They're not replacing therapists but offering a digital dose of zen on the go.


Emilie’s pick: Headspace comes highly recommended for finding tranquility anytime, anywhere in the tap of an app. Headspace stands out with its AI algorithms that adaptively learn from user interactions, enhancing personalization and effectiveness over time. Research indicates that such AI-driven approaches can significantly aid in stress reduction and mindfulness.


10| Glow with Red Light Therapy: The Home Spa Revolution

Red light therapy is the latest buzz, moving from the realm of sci-fi to the comfort of home. This light isn't just for ambiance; it's a total game-changer for your skin. This cutting-edge treatment exposes your skin to red and near-infrared light, supercharging cellular energy production, calming inflammation, and stimulating collagen for a truly rejuvenated complexion. Beyond mere aesthetics, scientific studies confirm its effectiveness in skin rejuvenation, battling acne, aiding in hair regrowth, and even assisting in body contouring.


Emilie's choice:  Dermalux is a superstar among celebrities like Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham.


11| Intermittent Fasting: The Trendy Time-Out


Intermittent fasting is more than just a diet; It's about timing your meals as much as enjoying them. It's also a lifestyle choice gaining popularity for its myriad health benefits. From improving gut health to aiding in fat loss, this approach to eating is versatile and has shown promising results in various studies. For example, you can easily follow the 16/8 method, where you fast for 16 hours and eat within an 8-hour window.


Emilie's take: "Intermittent fasting is on my wellness menu this year." With apps like Zero and LIFE, timing your fasts has never been simpler.


12| Social Wellness: The Connection Cure

two women enjoying a lunch in a cosy room

Photo courtesy of Juno House Club

Never underestimate the power of socializing for both physical and mental health. In today's fast-paced world, making time for social connections is more important than ever. It's not just about hanging out or small talks; it's about creating meaningful interactions that enrich our mental and emotional wellbeing.


Emilie's go-to: Juno House in Barcelona—a hub for women, entrepreneurs, and moms to bond and bloom. "The power of connection is unmatched," she notes, championing the cause of social wellness.


| Maison Ito: Your Facial Massage Haven

man on a massage table with a jade masage tool on his side

Photo credit: Maison Ito

In the heart of this wellness revolution, Maison Ito stands out with its exceptional facial massage services. Our bespoke experiences are not just about beauty; they're about holistic well-being. At Maison Ito, we believe in the power of touch, the art of rejuvenation, and the science of wellness. Visit us and experience a sanctuary where each facial massage is a mini-retreat to deep relaxation.

As we explore these top wellness trends of 2024, each offering its unique benefits, remember that your personal journey towards health and well-being is as individual as you are. Transitioning from the comfort of home health kits to the vibrant experience at Maison Ito, keep in mind that the key to savoring these developments lies in finding what resonates with you and your unique lifestyle. Here's to a vibrant, healthy, and fulfilling year ahead! Stay fabulous!


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