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Essential Oils Infos - Maison Ito


Vamos a sacarle el mayor partido posible a nuestro tiempo personal transformando nuestra rutina diaria en momentos con mayor significado. Nuestra experta Emilie Céline ha creado clases particulares para enseñarte a “entrenar” tu cara y ayudarte a que tus días tengan más estructura y significado.

Aprenderás secuencias que te ayudarán a cuidar mejor de ti mismo/a en casa. Los padres y madres también podrán aprender 3 consejos adicionales para masajear a sus niños para ayudar tanto a los pequeños como a sí mismos a dormir mejor.

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Creemos que las clases particulares son la mejor opción para que cada persona pueda aprender pautas y recomendaciones personalizadas. Así, nos aseguramos que cada uno/a realice cada secuencia correctamente y con la presión adecuada. Cada ritual que enseñamos es apropiado para condiciones y trastornos comunes de la piel, pero también para cada estilo de vida en específico. Ya que no existen dos cutis iguales, nuestra formación siempre se personaliza para cubrir las necesidades de cada persona. 

Los movimientos simples que aprenderás de Emilie Céline tienen beneficios para la salud de gran alcance:

  • ease stress and relieve tensions

  • encourage better sleep

  • support renewal of skin cells

  • encourage firmer, plumper and more radiant skin

  • stimulate blood circulation

  • smooth surface and reduce buildup in pores

  • relieve headache

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We all know how amazing we feel after a massage. Maison Ito is bringing private coaching to everybody, to unwind and rapidly relax when massaging the face, neck, and decolletage. 


  • If you plan a self-care spa evening, this is for you.

  • If you finally decided it's time to use that shiny Gua Sha — stone used in Chinese facial therapy — bought years ago, this is for you.

  • If you want to upgrade your morning or bedtime ritual, this is also for you. If you just need a pleasant me-time during your busy week, this is for you too. 

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STEP 1 — Assessment

You will receive a link 24h before your coaching to invite you to join our facialist, Emilie (if the coaching is online). We will start our session with a Q&A discussion of your specific goals, concerns, and lifestyle. Your responses will provide insight into individual skin needs, deficiencies, and possible tensions in your face.



Keeping your intention in mind, Emilie will create an AM or PM quick routine for you — including a self-massage. She will address your concerns and roadblocks to ensure that you are comfortable and confident in every technique you will learn. 

Your new skills will include:

  • a lymphatic drainage massage for your face

  • an individual lifting protocol

  • self-esteem and wellness how-tos

Additionally, you may want to learn how to use your beauty tools (guasha, jade roller, cupping), to apply properly any skincare products or to get a mini spa session at-home with our Gua Sha online coaching.



At the end of your personal coaching, you will receive a recording, as well as your step-by-step routine instructions with tips.
From the comfort of your home, you will begin your new routine and ‘document’ it for one week with Emilie's guidelines. Then choose our Advanced teaching to go deeper into the techniques, and see more results.


Enjoy the sense of relaxation and self-care that you would normally get from a massage, book your coaching today. You deserve this 💙

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*available in English, French or Spanish

Massage your beard at Maison Ito and deeply nourish, soften and style your beard

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60 mins

REJUVENATE AND RESET one-to-one online or on-site consultation to learn a natural facelift massage and wellness how-tos. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge and experience, our Facialist will be sharing signature sequences she found most effective for you — after discussing your overall skin health and concerns. Let's 'train' your face with a customized daily routine via Zoom or Skype, or at the salon. Feel the tensions melting away and your face lifted beneath your fingers! 

  • Some oil or serum will be necessary as well as sanitized hands and a clean face.

  • This coaching is not meant for professionals.

Aroma Treatment - Maison Ito
60 mins

SCULPT AND GLOW natural facelift massage. It's time to use this quartz or bian stone called Gua Sha bought years ago! Our Facialist Emilie Céline will teach you in a one-to-one online session how to use your favorite-to-be tool with basic techniques to lift, brighten, smooth, drain, depuff, and restore healthy flow back into your skin. 

  • The Gua Sha stone is NOT included, so just make sure to have one on the day of your appointment.

  • This coaching is not meant for professionals.

Massage your beard at Maison Ito and deeply nourish, soften and style your beard

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30 mins

EFFECTIVE AND DEEP natural facelift massage. Our Facialist will review and correct your sequence, after practicing for one week minimum. You will learn how to make your new routine even more effective. This can be scheduled bi-weekly for one month to help you to set a solid daily routine that works for you.

  • Some oil or serum will be necessary as well as sanitized hands and a clean face.

  • Cannot be booked without completed a Private or Gua Sha coaching first.

  • This coaching is not meant for professionals.

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