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The Inner Facial - All Eyes on the Buccal Massage

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Photo credit: Maison Ito

Have your tried Meghan Markle’s anti-aging facial treatment yet?

Last summer, Maison Ito introduced the buccal massage facial loved by the Duchess. This manual alternative to surgical facelifts and fillers, loved by celebrities and beauty connoisseurs, helps to lift cheeks and slim the jawline. It also firms a double chin, tones the neck, depuffs eyes, releases wrinkles and provides more vibrant skin, and a vibrant you.

Do not feel surprised if you hear me adjusting my pair of medical gloves, as strict hygiene is mandatory at our salon when performing this massage inside the mouth.

| Wait – what? ‘inside the mouth’?

This is nothing like a trip to the dentist, I promise. The Inner Facial also called intraoral or buccal massage is a double internal and external massage of the lower muscles.

Our highly specialized massage is performed inside the cheeks to better access the muscles. It has intentional and specific movements targeting the muscles of the face and neck that pull the face down and cause sagging to lift up and improve the posture of the face.

As a Facialist at Maison Ito, I perform this treatment based on my experience and intuitions. I have also trained and have been certified in Paris by the skin magician Yakov Gershkovich, author of the Sculptural Face Lifting who has spread the technique via popular seminars throughout the world. Meghan Markle credits the treatments she receives from legendary go-to-Facialist Nichola Joss. She is leading the current intraoral massage movement as well as elite French skincare expert Joëlle Ciocco.

| What to expect?

In addition to getting cheekbones worthy of a royal wedding, you can expect an emphasis on the jaw and chin areas. It’s also surprisingly relaxing.

At the end of the treatment, everything feels tighter. It reduces significantly the appearance of stress on your face, and you will notice a nice, glowing look.

The results last for several days and can be seen immediately after the treatment. Long term results include relaxation of tight jaw muscles, noticeably plumper cheeks, and smoother facial lines.

The Inner Facial at Maison Ito can be done with a 60 or 90 mins massage or, for maximum results, in a series of 7 treatments spaced 10 days apart.

| For whom?

The Inner Facial is for everybody but aimed more at our advanced guests. When in doubt, my best advice for beginners is to start with our Signature Face massage (as seen on Schweizer Illustrierte's Style) and ask all your questions to your favorite-to-be facialist.

Are you grinding or clenching teeth from time to time, mostly caused by stress, anxiety and sleep disorders? Teeth grinding, medically called bruxism, when occurs on a regular basis can damage the teeth and may arise other oral health issues. The Inner Facial is a must to minimize bruxism as it concentrates on relieving pressure and tension of the mouth, jaw, and cheekbones.

Bonus point when you want to reduce the fatigue effects of jet-lags or when looking fresher for any public event or presentations.

| How to make the most of your Inner Facial?

Avoid gritting your teeth, relax your jaw, and ideally keep your eyes closed. You can also use this breathing technique to unwind: simply inhale for 4 seconds and exhale for 8 seconds. Use this technique whenever needed, especially for sleep prep.

Do not forget to self-massage your face in between sessions. Your skin will thank you.

If you’re still unsure whether this treatment would be a good fit for you, simply contact us by phone or by e-mail for further information.

Be sure to leave a comment if you’ve tried this facial or tag #maison_ito and #boostyourfaceesteem – we would be happy to hear from you!


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