The ALL-natural alternative to chemicals & invasive injections

Maison Ito incorporates ancient practices of anti-ageing japanese facelift massage, Anma, accupressure, and vietnamese inspired Chan Beauté into its bespoke face massage to truly transform their clients' experience from skin to soul. There are no needles or machines in Maison Ito selection of treatments – just magic hands, and a few tools along with the very best botanicals from across the world. Those amazing non invasive facelift massages are also known as facial rejuvenation. 

Inspired by Geishas' & Samourai'S most well-kept secrets

By increasing the skin's elasticity and tightening the face, Maison Ito is inspired by fascinating ancient japanese rituals to get an everlasting young skin. It also incorporates accupressure, traditional vietnamese and chinese techniques.

It mostly has origins in China but was born years later in Japan, where samurais used to give themselves face massages to calm down their mind after intense battles. A clever empress realized one day that this massage gave her a brightening aspect and kept the idea for her. Luckily, Maison Ito likes sharing their deepest secrets. 

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You feel - and look - good.  You will relax physical, mental and emotional tensions. All our treatments give skin back its glow, based on the power of accupressure and deep massage techniques that produce collagen and firm skin, and lymphatic detox. In addition to significantly improve the quality of your skin, it also enhances sleep quality, improves concentration, increases alertness, and reduces mental tension.

Located at 2-minute walk from the 12th-century Grossmünster church in Zürich,  Maison Ito strives to care for your skin to give it the best possible appearance and health. We do it 100% natural and go organic anytime we can. Mother nature as its best. We marry massage techniques and nature together perfectly, and bring you products that will visibly change your skin. 


Love yourself, said the babyface singer. Face massage treatments are for all aiming at developing their self-esteem, so called 'face esteem' at Maison Ito. 

This massage is recommended for both men and women looking for more radiant and younger facial skin. 

Time is up for skin fatigue. Equal men & women, mothers-to-be, old mums, bride-to-be, people with acne issues, come as you are. As you're unique and your skin has its own needs, be sure that you choose your perfect bespoke face massage. Book Now >

 > Ideal for treating ageing, acne, pigmentation
& skin rejuvenation

FACE TReatments

100% natural
aesthetic face massages

Onna-bugeisha, a former type of female warrior belonging to the Japanese nobility

magic hands 
60 | 90 mins
CHF 165 | 220

StimULate and illuminate facelift massage. Maison Ito's signature is a facial treatment massage that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and promotes the youthful vitality of the skin. Inspired by ancient asian techniques, and with a twist of modernity, it is designed to redefine, refresh and detoxify your skin, using hands-on sculpting, contouring and lymphatic drainage. It results in instant radiance and boosts your self love.

60 | 90mins
CHF 165 | 220

Balance and tone up all-natural facelift. Maison Ito’s deep massage works with the muscles, connective tissues and lymphatic systems of the face. This face massage transforms your skin story and nurtures clear, dewy and lustrous skin that illuminates your unique inner glow. Made of 100% organic oils and skin care products with alluring scents. 

60 | 90mins
CHF 165 | 220

Lift and sculpt all-natural face massage. As you exercise your body, your face should be part of your workout, and facial muscles need extra care. Tone up your face muscles and stimulate blood circulation. Our deep face massage inspired by samurais' recovery massages boosts clarity, brightness, and firmness. It takes the muscles to a boot camp but results in a relaxing and enjoyable facial fitness time.

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60 | 90mins
CHF 175 | 230

STYLISH and FRESH beard and all-natural facelift massage. Maison Ito has proudly created a home where manliness, beards and handsomeness thrive in harmony. Grooming, growing and wearing a sexy beard couldn't be simpler. Your skin looks radiant and your beard will be soothed and moisturized, plus essential oils will give it a signature scent.

We are available by appointment only and are located near Zürich main station. To make an appointment, please use our online website or email-us at with your name, phone number, and the date & time preferred. You will receive an email or phone call confirming your booking with us.

We can be reached in french, english and spanish. 

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Call us at 078 745 4583

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Maison Ito's exclusive wellness gem for face massages is located at a short distance from Zürich's main station, in the heart of Zürich, Switzerland. 

maison ito

Add: Schaffhauserstrasse 6, 8006 Zürich

Tel: +41 78 745 45 83


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