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  • What is a facial massage at Maison Ito?
    A facial massage is a sensorial experience that contributes to your skin health, releases tension and helps improve blood circulation to slow down the aging process. We prefer calling them experiences, because our facial massages go beyond a treatment. You can expect to be welcomed into a relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere. All in all, a stimulating journey through the senses.
  • Are facial massages recommended for people of all ages?
    Definitely! People of all ages can benefit from a facial massage. Our facial experiences are especially suitable for those of you looking for natural anti-ageing solutions or natural ways to treat acne. They’re also great to release facial tensions, target asymmetry and for relaxation, regardless of age.
  • How long does a facial massage normally last?
    You can choose between 60 and 90-minute massages. Our 90-minute experiences are especially recommended for mature skin or those of you looking for this relaxing moment to last longer. You can also choose a 15-minute add-on if you’d like our facialist to spend a bit of extra time on sculpting, draining or focusing on a specific area.
  • What type of skincare products do you use for facial massages?
    We are committed to offering our guests chemical-free facial experiences. That’s why we always make sure we opt for products made with 100% organic ingredients (whenever possible). This means the products we use are obtained by physical transformation methods like cold pressing or maceration. That way, we can guarantee they preserve all the plant nutrients the skin benefits from!
  • Can I choose the oils for my facial massage?
    Of course! You can choose between two different oils with different scent notes. If you’d rather enjoy an experience with no aromas, you can also opt for an oil with a neutral scent. Alternatively, you can bring your favourite oil to the salon and we’ll be happy to use it for your facial ritual.
  • Can I have a facial massage without aromas?
    Absolutely, you can opt for facials with no scents at all if you wish an aroma-free experience. As an alternative, you can choose a neutral oil for your massage. Just make sure you let us know your preferences when filling out our booking form.
  • Can a facial massage help me with bruxism?
    Yes, it definitely can! Our Inner Facial experience can help alleviate bruxism and TMJ symptoms because it concentrates on relieving pressure and tension of the mouth, jaw, and cheekbones. Learn why experts say an inner facial is an effective treatment for bruxism.
  • What's the difference between facial cupping and body cupping?
    Body cupping and facial cupping share the principle of restoration, but they are executed differently. Body cupping is great to treat pains and aches. Facial cupping stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. It releases toxins through the lymph nodes and draws back nutrients to the surface. In addition, facial cupping is much gentler. At Maison Ito, you can enjoy the benefits of facial cupping in a 15-minute non-invasive treat that helps regenerate and detox your facial skin.
  • Can I have a beard massage if I don’t have a lot of facial hair?
    You definitely can! You might find it interesting to know the beard massage can actually stimulate hair growth. Additionally, we make sure to apply the proper skincare to take good care of both your beard and your skin.
  • I am allergic to certain oils and fragrances, can I still get a facial massage?
    Yes, you can, and the good news is you will enjoy the massage’s benefits! Simply remember to let us know about any allergies when you fill out our contact form and we will adapt the massage and skincare to suit your needs.
  • What type of facial massage should I get to soften wrinkles?
    Our Signature massage is definitely the go-to facial if you’re looking to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and get a glowing, youthful look. This facelift massages mixes ancient Asian and modern techniques, so you’ll get the best of both worlds!
  • What type of facial massage do you recommend to reduce dark circles?
    We would definitely recommend to book the Eyes Revival add-on after your Signature or Power Yoga massage if you wish to target dark circles. Our facialist uses crystals and cooling ice globes to minimise puffiness in your under eye area, which leaves your face feeling refreshed and your eyes looking bright!
  • What experience should I choose to replace (or instead of) botox?
    If you’re looking for anti-ageing benefits, you should try our Signature massage. The effects are different from botox though. Be aware botox doesn’t stimulate collagen. It works by paralysing the muscles. In other words, it puts your facial muscles into a deep sleep. On the contrary, our facelift massages bring your face to life! We give your facial muscles a good stretch that will boost blood circulation, stimulate collagen production and release muscle tension. The result will be a younger-looking face!
  • I just got botox, how long should I wait to book a facial massage?
    If you just had botox, we would recommend to wait at least 3 weeks before you book your facial massage. We would avoid stimulating areas with botox within 3 weeks, and areas with fillers within 3 months.
  • Is it safe to get a facial massage whilst pregnant?
    It is totally safe! We will make the whole experience extra comfy for you. If you’re expecting, we highly recommend you to opt for the Mum-to-be massage, a gentle and nourishing experience designed for future mums. You can also rest assured we’ll use pregnancy-safe skincare products on your face.
  • Will I experience any discomfort during a facial massage?
    There is no reason to feel any sort of discomfort. Just be aware the drainage resulting from some of our massages may make you a bit tired and thirsty. If you experience any discomfort during your experience, please make sure you let our facialist know.
  • How many massages/sessions do I need to appreciate results?
    You will see results after your first session! We highly advise regularity for long-lasting results and to feel your best. To enjoy the benefits of the Inner Facial, we would recommend one session every 10 days for at least 2 months to release facial tensions. Also keep in mind that healthy choices will contribute to appreciating results sooner.
  • What are ice globes and what do you use them for?
    Ice globes are cooling wands used in our Eyes Revival add-on to reduce redness and inflammation, stimulate facial muscles, eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, and prevent the appearance of large pores. Learn all there is to know about these little wonders here.
  • Can I give one of your experiences as a gift?
    Absolutely! Our massages are the perfect gift for special occasions. Just bear in mind they’re only available to book in Barcelona.
  • What are the benefits of yoga balls and what do you use them for?
    These tools are literally a mini 'yoga ball' for your face. We mainly use them for our Power Yoga massage. They help improve muscle tone and release facial tension, especially on the jaw.
  • What type of techniques can I learn with your private coaching?
    Our private coaching sessions are the perfect way to start a self-confidence journey. You will learn some auto-massage techniques and how to use skincare tools such as Gua Sha. You can ask any questions during a private coaching session so all your personal needs are covered.
  • Are private coaching sessions available online?
    They are! Whenever you are in the world, you can book a private coaching session as long as you have access to a computer or device with Skype or Zoom installed.
  • Are your facial massages available for events?
    Set the date and will be there! Our facial experiences are available for both private and corporate events. You can make any occasion extra special by offering your guests a luxurious pampering experience with our mobile service. Hen parties, day before weddings, photo shoots (right before the make-up session), anniversaries… Whatever the event, our on-site massages will guarantee a unique and relaxing atmosphere!
  • Can I book a group private coaching session?
    Definitely! If you would like to book a private coaching session with some friends, colleagues or any other group of people, send us a request by email and we will send you a quote!
  • What's the cancellation policy at Maison Ito?
    We have a 48-hour cancellation policy to allow any guest on our waiting list to fill your spot. A credit card is now required for all appointments. Should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment as things may happen, please notify us 48 hours in advance or you will be charged the full amount of your experience.

We strive to give you the best sensorial massage experience possible. This FAQ is intended to provide you
with answers to frequently asked questions. For more detailed information, contact us at hello(at)

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