MAISON ITO BRINGS YOU Distinctive, pleasant, and savory scents

As a passionate of scents, and the health benefits of essential oils, our massage facialist is a true artisan. Emilie Celine created the best notes to make your face massage experience a true sensory journey.

This results in relieving headaches, in improving the sleep quality, in boosting all energy levels, and in reducing acne. 

Maison Ito's massages incorporate natural aromas from the delicate scent of Bergamot, Mandarin and Geranium, or from a secret Rosmarin mix for a woody, evergreen like scent.

Discover now our experiences' menu. You will travel between Provence and Mount Fuji, thanks to the power of pure french lavender to calm, balance, and nurture your skin with geishas fave oil, the japanese Camelia oil.

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The HOME for your senses

With a strong commitment to well-being, and attention to detail, our first salon in Zürich  old town is a relaxing, and tranquil space to unwind while enjoying a fantastic sensorial treatment. 

Located in the heart of the charming and historic swiss old town, Maison Ito welcomes you to discover its holistic approach to health and beauty.


Roman Emperor Nero was said to use copious amounts of rose oil to cure his headaches and lift his spirits. Aromatherapy was common use for the ancients, and nowadays luckily Maison Ito is bringing it to A-L-L.

When booking any of our treatments, just mention any disease, diabete, medication, allergy or discomfort while booking, as some oil combination might not be the best for you.

Mothers-to-be, as long as your pregnancy is going well, it's fine for you to use aromatherapy. If you prefer having the massage without any aromas, make sure to inform us while booking or choose our Mum-to-be massage. In any case, we make proper adjustments for you.

We are available by appointment only and are located near Zürich main station. To make an appointment, please use our online website or email-us at with your name, phone number, and the date & time preferred. You will receive an email or phone call confirming your booking with us.

We can be reached in french, english and spanish. 

The Art of

'A Home for your senses.' 

maison ito


Maison Ito's exclusive wellness gem for face massages is located at a short distance from Zürich's main station, in the heart of Zürich, Switzerland. 

maison ito

Add: Schaffhauserstrasse 6, 8006 Zürich

Tel: +41 78 745 45 83


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