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Why the Mum-to-be Massage is the Facial All Mums Should Try | maison ito

Updated: Jan 31

A future mother wearing orange dress holding her bump

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Pregnancy is a rollercoaster of emotions and physical changes, with moments of joy, such as the excitement of the first kick and anticipating your baby’s arrival. However, it also brings extra tiredness, body aches, and unpredictable mood swings. Remember that time of getting emotional about not fitting into your favourite jeans one moment and laughing out loud at the simple challenge of tying your shoelaces the next second? At Maison Ito, we totally get it! Our facialist Emilie Céline, mother to adorable Ella, understands the ups and downs of pregnancy firsthand.

Yes, you might be living one of the sweetest moments in your life, but the ever-changing state of the body means it needs relaxation and pampering now more than ever. Does this resonate with you? Then we have the perfect solution to help you find that moment of calm and rejuvenation.

| The Science of Relaxation for Expectant Mothers

A pregnant woman sleeping in white bed sheets

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Every mother-to-be knows pregnancy isn’t just about the bump. It’s a transformative journey that moves you – mind, body, and soul. Emilie, both a mom and a facialist, champions the need for holistic maternal relaxation and pregnancy-safe massage.

Did you know? A recent study from Children's Hospital Boston, affiliated with Harvard Medical School reveals the profound physiological benefits of relaxation during pregnancy. It's not just about feeling zen – the calming vibes can actually boost overall health and make waves in the baby's development.

Spotlight on Maison Ito's Mum-to-be massage: More than a treat, it's a must-have in your pregnancy routine. This pregnancy-safe facial has been specially designed for blossoming skin challenges – think loss of elasticity and moisture imbalance. But it's more than just skin-deep. It boosts circulation, clears toxins, and relieves the stress often lodged in the jaw, cheekbones, and brows. These physiological benefits, blended with a serene environment and expert touch, nurture a sense of well-being beyond mere relaxation.

But, this isn't only about pampering. It's about acknowledging that pregnancy wellness is more than prenatal vitamins and regular check-ups. It’s about recognizing that nourished skin and a relaxed mind play a crucial role in a balanced and healthy pregnancy journey.

| Mum-to-be Massage: All your Questions Answered!

Think you have to forget facials while pregnant? Think again. Dive into our frequently asked questions to learn why Maison Ito's exceptional experience is the go-to pregnancy facial for all glowing expectant mothers.

A pregnant woman receiving a face massage

Q. Is the Mum-to-be massage a pregnancy-safe massage?

Absolutely! Our Mum-to-be massage is a completely pregnancy-friendly experience designed for expectant mothers! Our unique method makes it possible for our Mum-to-be facial massage to be experienced and enjoyed without concerns during pregnancy. In fact, this and all our facial massages are also safe if mothers are breast-feeding.

Plus, you'll love knowing this massage brings you all the bliss you're craving right now: relaxation, rejuvenation, and tension relief. An all-in-one experience every mom-to-be truly deserves!

Q. What products are used on the Mum-to-be face massage?

A pipette with oil in a small plate with a logo

We pride ourselves in providing all-natural massage tools and skincare tailored to your unique complexion and the specific needs of your skin.

During massages, we use high-quality scented oils, carefully formulated in pregnancy-safe quantities. These oils enhance your skin's lipid levels, which can help address the common dryness experienced during this period, but you're also welcome to choose a neutral oil for your pregnancy-safe massage. Your comfort matters to us.

Photo credit: Maison Ito

Q. What’s the difference between the Mum-to-be massage and any other Maison Ito face massage?

Our Mum-to-be face massage has been specially crafted to alleviate facial tension while providing extra care for sensitive and dry skin. This gentle and nourishing experience is designed to celebrate you and your journey. Expect to feel not only a wave of relaxation, but also a sense of deep rejuvenation.

Q. Can heavily pregnant women (8/9 months) enjoy a Mum-to-be facial?

Definitely! Your comfort is always our top priority. Do you need extra back support? We got you covered. Are you more comfortable being half-seated? No problem! Our facialist has more boxes ticked than your hospital bag checklist! Our aim with this pregnancy facial is to make you feel so relaxed that those baby-prep tasks feel like a summer breeze!

Q. Can the Mum-to-be massage include any of your add-ons? Which one would you recommend?

A woman with her eyes closed received a massage with a stone on her chin

Photo Credit: Maison Ito (Gua Sha Ritual)

All our add-ons are pregnancy-friendly! Feel free to choose whatever you feel like trying or the one you believe you might benefit the most from. If you would like some guidance on what would work best for you, please feel free to drop us an email at hello(at)

Q. Can a pregnant woman enjoy the Mum-to-be massage more than once during pregnancy?

Yes, definitely. Enjoying this pregnancy-safe massage is the same as stretching your body – if that makes you feel good! Massaging your face is a sensorial experience perfect for overall well-being, glowing skin, better sleep, and mental health!

Q. Can any woman enjoy a Mum-to-be massage regardless of her skin type?

Absolutely! With the Mum-to-be, as with any of our experiences, you would be enjoying an all-natural face massage. In principle, this means any skin type can benefit from it. All the same, our facialist will tailor your session according to your unique complexion, the specific needs of your skin, and your wellness personal journey.

However, if you have any doubts or concerns, please consult your dermatologist before you visit us.

Q. I am a regular guest and normally get one of your other facials, would you recommend switching to the Mum-to-be massage instead during my pregnancy?

Not necessarily, especially if you are in your first trimester.

This face massage is actually perfect for all mothers-to-be who are in their second trimester or later. First-trimester women can safely choose any other face massage from our menu. Nonetheless, please inform our facialist about any pregnancy stage so she can adapt the massage and be gentler in certain areas, especially on the shoulders during the first trimester.

Q. My doctor has recommended specific skincare products during pregnancy, can I bring my own serums and creams for the Mum-to-be massage?

We are really proud of offering all-natural face massages, so you can rest assure we use products that are safe to use when you’re expecting. Anyhow, if you would like to use specific skincare, you can absolutely opt for an experience with your recommended products! As an alternative, you can choose a neutral oil for your pregnancy-safe massage. Just make sure you let us know your preferences when filling out our client consult questionnaire, or on the day of your visit.

Q. I’ve been advised to bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy, can I get a Mum-to-be face massage at home?

Absolutely! Everyone deserves a bit of pampering, especially when on bed rest. We're thrilled to offer our signature massages at your doorstep for an additional fee, exclusively in Barcelona and nearby areas. Just drop us a line at hello(at) You request, we deliver!

Q. Can I enjoy a Mum-to-be massage during the first trimester of my pregnancy?

Yes, you can! We would, in fact, highly recommend it if you're in need of a gentle and nourishing facial massage. You're also welcome to choose any other facial massage from our menu during your first trimester. However, please ensure that you inform our facialist about your pregnancy. Our expert will then tailor the face massage to meet your specific needs.

Q. Should I get a Mum-to-be massage whilst breastfeeding or is it better to get any other of your facials instead?

A woman wearing a white blanket breastfeeding

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All our face massages and add-ons are safe for breastfeeding! On an additional and important note, please do not worry at all about leaking – it happens! For extra comfort, we are happy to provide a towel to place on your upper chest, so don’t feel you can’t visit us if you’re going through that special bonding period with your baby.

Your pregnancy is a fantastic opportunity to take more care of yourself than ever before. If you feel like enjoying an experience that’s utterly relaxing and sensationally rejuvenating, this is the pregnancy safe massage you won’t regret trying. We want to ensure the sweet wait is, above all, a really exciting time for you to treasure and enjoy. We look forward to pampering all future mommies!


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