The Ultimate Guide to Maison Ito’s Massage Gift Cards

Updated: Sep 7

We’ve all been in a pinch for a present for someone who already has everything. But before you go picking up a last-minute skincare package labeled “for all skin types” that leaves a lingering taste of unoriginality (not to mention could wreak havoc on your recipient’s skin)—know there is a better alternative. A luxe face massage voucher, on the other hand, instantly demonstrates your recipient is deserving of tranquility, pampering, and personalization.

Maison Ito offers a collection of treatments, allowing you to gift a tailor-made oasis complete with a head, neck, and shoulders massage, straight to his or her inbox. There’s a little something for everyone, but to help you with the selection process, here are 10 perfect gifts from Maison Ito to suit every personality.

#1 | For the Mom-to-Be

Premium The Mum-to-be | 90-Minute Treatment

For the Mrs with a baby on the way, she’ll need the pampering of an all-natural premium face massage to help reveal that fresh pregnancy glow. This luxurious 90-minute massage focuses on the face, neck, shoulders, and chest, relieving pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy. The massage is completely safe for pregnant women, accompanied by the option to opt-out of the use of essential oils. It’s also an ideal option for the mothers already in your life, as the hands-on face sculpting and contouring works great on mature skin.

#2 | For the Pioneer

The Beard Man | 90-Minute Treatment

For the busy man who puts his job and his family first and still finds time for his appearance, his health, and his hobbies. A professional beard massage is the balanced gift of well-maintained facial hair and much-needed self-care. This rejuvenating treat moisturizes, promotes facial hair growth, and leaves their beard smooth, clean, and fresh. The beard man ritual consists of a moderate to deep tissue massage with all-natural French and Swiss-based products, customized with specific skincare and oud or santal-scented beard oils.

#3 | For the Trendy Woman

The Inner Facial | Add-On

For the woman who’s tried all the high-end skincare lines and obsesses over her Instagram feed, she’ll swoon over Meghan Markle’s favorite anti-aging facial. This manual technique involves massaging from inside the mouth to destress the muscle tissue and improve the tone and firmness of the facial muscles. 'The Inner Facial' works on the cheeks, jaw, lips, and laughter lines. Note that she may know this ritual as “sculptural”, “intrinsic” or the “buccal” massage, the name used in most online magazines.

#4 | For the Jet-Setter

The Gua Sha Ritual | Add-On

For the frequent flyer who jets off to Marrakech for a Moroccan bath and Bali for winter getaways, this person’s always soaking in other cultures. She’ll be fascinated by the immediately visible depuffing effects of Gua Sha, an ancient Chinese anti-inflammatory technique. It features a black nephrite and white quartz stone for contouring and a natural jade roller for cooling. Her love for travel and traditional methods of self-care will keep her coming back to this ancient ritual again and again.

#5 | For the Groom-to-Be

Premium Power-Yoga | 90-Minute Massage

For the on-the-go groom needing to unwind before the big day. He may be the man who thinks he doesn’t need any pampering, yet he is usually the one who needs it the most. The Premium Power-Yoga is a dynamic workout for the face that primes and relaxes the facial muscles for optimal results—also making it an easy transition into the world of rest and relaxation for him.

#6 | For the Zen One

The Signature Face massage | 60-Minute Massage

A real treat for that person passionate about taking the simple approach to life. As this special someone likes essential oils and enjoys meditation, they’d indulge in the simple yet invigorating signature face massage by Maison Ito. It incorporates natural aromas from the tinctures of Bergamot, Mandarin and Geranium, or from a secret Rosmarin mix for a woody, evergreen scent. Essential oils help relieve headaches, improve sleep, and boost energy levels, making this ritual a complete sensory experience.

#7 | For the Health Nut

The Power Yoga | 60-Minute Massage

Give her the gift of balance and a healthy complexion to the woman always jotting around town with a yoga-mat and power smoothie in hand. Maison Ito’s all-natural deep massage works with the muscles, connective tissues and lymphatic systems of the face, transforming the skin for a clear, dewy glow. It’s made of 100% organic oils and skincare products with alluring scents that the health-conscious woman will love.

#8 | For the Experienced One

The Facial Cupping | Add-On

For the woman in your life who frequents salons and tries every new treatment to achieve that youthful glow, you may need a little something extra to get a surprise out of her. Cupping is a skin-booster that promotes blood flow and circulation, activating cell regeneration. It’s a deep facial stimulation that she’s surely curious about but hasn’t yet tried. We recommend this pleasant, non-invasive add-on to her 60-minute massage.

#9 | For the Bride-to-Be

Premium Signature Face Massage | 90-Minute Massage

Sometimes all she needs is a relaxing facial treatment. This gift card includes a 90-minute Asian-inspired premium facial massage designed to freshen and detoxify her skin. Targeting the face, head, neck, and chest, it stimulates lymphatic drainage which helps to depuff and bring a glow to her complexion. It’s perfect for relaxation and beautifying before she walks down the aisle.

#10 | For the Athlete

The Power-Yoga | 60-Minute Massage

For the physically active man into fitness and self-care. As he exercises his body, his face should also be part of your workout, and facial muscles need extra care. This deep face massage inspired by samurais' recovery massages boosts clarity, brightness, and firmness. It takes the muscles to a boot camp but results in a relaxing and enjoyable facial fitness time.

Here’s How it Works

Head to our Gift Card page and choose the most fitting treatment for your recipient based on the recommendations above. You’ll have the option to send the virtual gift to them via email or you print the voucher to give to them directly.

Still unsure? A digital coupon is ideal for a last-minute gift. Choose the “Gift Coupon” from the bottom of our variety of facial treatments. You decide the amount and send the gift card to his or her inbox. Your recipient simply enters the coupon code when booking their chosen treatment online.

Already headed to Zurich’s city center to shop? Visit the Maison Ito salon to pick up your massage gift cards so you have it in-hand. You can also grab an assortment of luxurious creams by Le Pure skincare for unwrapping on that special day. We recommend the Way to Radiance Profound Nourishing Cream Concentrate, with all organic plant nutrients that transform the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

If you’re still unsure what treatment would be a good fit for your recipient, simply contact us by phone or by e-mail for further information.

Treat yourself,

x Emilie

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