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7 Best Self-Care Tips This Autumn Revealed by Experts | maison ito

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

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Self-care is not reserved for special occasions. Like when it's your birthday and feel the urge to be pampered. Or when the kids are away for the weekend, and you have some free time. Self-care is a year-round need. It is a significant mood-booster that helps to relieve anxiety and stress. It boosts happiness and elevates your mind.

As we transition from the warmness of summer through autumn, it’s a pretty good opportunity to ease into the colder season with some self-care. It’s time to rejuvenate your mental wellbeing and physical health.

With the profound benefits that self-awareness through self-care brings, your mind, body, and soul will thank you for it. Let’s review our 7 best self-care tips revealed by experts below.

#1 Prioritize Sleep

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With the avalanche of work we have to face daily, it’s easy to unintentionally deprive yourself of quality sleep. As simple as you might think it is to sleep, you will understand its necessity if you skip a few days of it. The power of sleep for self-care is unmatched.

According to experts, getting enough sleep helps your body to maintain balanced mental and physical health. It repairs the body and boosts your immunity to diseases. When you’re worn out from sitting at your computer all day long or chasing the kids around, sleep is a tried and true destresser.

You’re able to improve your productivity and get max concentration when you just take a few hours to close your eyes and shut off from the world. This Fall, carve out a sleep schedule for yourself, get your favorite, comfortable sleepwear and curl up in bed. You will wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized.

#2 Breathe in Soothing Scents

Step outside and just take a look at the beautiful scenery. The autumn colors make the outdoors look stunning, and you can’t help but appreciate what you see. Now close your eyes and take deep, calming breaths. What can you smell? The trees? Freshly cut grass? The blossoming flowers? Breathing is light therapy, and many breathing techniques can help you calm yourself. Calm is one awesome app that teaches you how to do this, to relax, sleep, think better, or concentrate.

Inhaling the right scents is self-care. With aromatherapy, you can bring calmness and health to a stressed-out body and an agitated mind. Take lavender essential oil, for example, and add a few drops in a diffuser. Let it seep into your bedroom air and watch how much improved sleep you get. Sniffing Rosemary oil gives your memory a super boost, while citrus scents such as orange essential oil cut down stress and anxiety.

#3 Soak-in the Early Sun

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Wellness experts believe that the first rays of the early morning sun are vital for human health. Not only do the warm rays of the sun help to ignite your mood just like a warm cup of coffee, but they are also healthy for your body. Vitamin D, surprisingly, can help to reduce the risk of some diseases, including heart diseases. It also wards off depression by improving your mood significantly. This last Vitamin D surprise one you might like to hear, is that it helps with weight-loss because of its appetite-suppressing properties. Good news, yes?

One important thing about self-care is that it helps you form useful, productive habits when you stay true to your routine. Every morning as soon as you wake up, open up the blinds and turn your face towards the sun. Let your body drink in the sunlight for about two minutes. If your blinds do not face the sun, be sure to find the early sun wherever it is for your daily dose of Vitamin D.

You can also consider taking a daily Vitamin D supplement to complement this routine; your body will be pleased.

#4 Embrace Happiness

Autumn is the season of one of the spookiest themed celebrations of the year. But spooky doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Halloween is another opportunity for you to feel younger. Play dress up; don’t shy away from the festivities.

Embrace the thrill. Carve a pumpkin and roast some chestnuts with the kids. Go to Halloween parties, dance! Dancing is an essential element of self-care because it is a destresser. It improves your mood and even helps you feel flattered with a new body image.

If you’re looking for the quickest way to self-care and have fun this autumn, get up and start to move your body to a groovy beat.

#5 Connect With the Outdoors

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Don’t you like to hear the sound of the leaves crackling beneath your feet? It’s autumn, and nature is preparing for the colder season. Self-care is spending time connecting with your environment, being mindful of the natural elements around you. It’s a fine time to go on a hike. Take a walk through beautiful parks. Hear the birds chirping and listen to the sounds of the outdoors. Feel nature.

#6 Exercise

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You probably did not want to hear this part, but, yes, exercise is self-care. It works wonders on your overall physical health, and it primes your mental health to function at its best. If you prefer to workout at your local gym, go for it. What’s more, you can infuse your workout routine with other self-care practices, like skincare.

Too lazy to head to the gym? Do a quick workout outdoors, tone your muscles, get fit! Making it a routine brings tremendous results. Your face also needs some exercise. Getting a facial exercise gives you a more youthful look to complement your toned body. It is natural and even safer than Botox.

#7 Declutter Your Space

Decluttering your space has proven scientific benefits. For one, it reduces your cortisol (stress) levels and gives you a better night’s rest. It also fights depression, helps you eat better, and allows better airflow in the room.

Because of the times we live in, many people now have to turn their homes to both an office as well as a home. Everything gets jumbled up, and there’s no clear difference between your new “workspace” and sleep space. This can get you worked up, and make you lose concentration faster.

This autumn, declutter your space and get your home looking more Zen.

Don't know where to start? Determine what’s essential. Be honest with yourself, do you really need that 3-day-old sandwich wrap on your work desk? Toss it into the bin, donate that dress to charity. Take out the useless old stuff so that you can give room for the new.

With so much excess mess out of the way, you feel lighter, and your mind feels freer.

Tedx Talk — From Clutter to Clarity by Kerry Thomas, Expert Organizer

| Your Self-care Is Your Responsibility

Self-care is YOU time. You do not need to have all the time in the world to be able to pamper yourself. Start small, set aside particular days or times where you can give yourself some love this Fall. You can begin by booking a facial massage at Maison Ito and top it off with lavender oil-induced sleep. You deserve it.



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