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Face Massage: The Natural Botox Alternative | maison ito

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

hands of a facialist doing a face massage

Photo credit: Maison Ito

Letting go of the day’s stress requires finding time to stop, pause, and take some time for ourselves. Face massage, a ritual used for centuries in Asian countries like China and Japan, has a reputation for boosting wellness on the inside and outside, as well as providing serious relaxation. Anyone hoping to look and feel better can appreciate the power of facial massages. The fusion of modern and ancient wellness techniques that seek to heal both on the inside and out aligns with Maison Ito's mission. Read on to discover how face massage can naturally transform your appearance, allow you to appreciate your unique beauty, and how Maison Ito can help.

| Relax and Revitalize

As people focus more on holistic health, regular relaxation and massage have become a lifeline for those looking to heal themselves from the inside out. Face massage, whether it's at home or in a wellness salon, is a powerful way to promote calm and relaxation. Not to mention, this wellness ritual can help ground us and offer us a mindful moment. Combined with aromatherapy and other natural therapies, this type of massage can bring a feeling of zen into your life and home. Beyond soothing the mind, face massage can also sculpt the face from the inside out, delivering noticeable results that have many newcomers converting to holistic health treatments.

The Wall Street Journal mentioned the impressive effects of this type of massage almost eight years ago. They noted that this manual technique had been the secret weapon of facialists, who give stars facial massages before red carpet events for quick results. While Botox has long been the go-to for people looking to keep away fine lines, this natural alternative provides a different experience. Furthermore, gua sha, the famed massage stone massage ritual, provides a natural lifting and plumping effect. Recently, Harper’s Bazaar shared a group study which showed that gua sha face massage had no side effects compared to Botox.

| The Science Behind Face Massage

Facial rollers have also become popular for their health benefits. Scientific studies have even shown that facial rollers can improve circulation with short-term use, but also boost blood flow in the long-run. Essentially, this tool can help bring fresh blood to the area, which can revive the face and remove any toxins present. Of course, we can’t forget that this tool is also vital for encouraging lymphatic drainage.

Our lymphatic system includes a network of nodes scattered throughout the body that work to boost the immune system, remove cellular waste, and maintain body fluid levels. When there is a buildup of fluid in the body, this can lead to swelling in the face. In a medical study conducted on people who’d had their molars removed, face massage proved to be beneficial for promoting lymphatic drainage and removing fluid buildup. The beauty company Shiseido even found a connection between impaired lymphatic function and sagging skin, suggesting that strengthening lymphatic vessels could improve the skin’s elasticity.

| Keep Your Unique Personality

TF1 Replay — Massage facial : un remède anti-rides ? (in french only)

While the relaxation and anti-ageing effects of face massage are definitely a plus, there’s something far more convincing about this natural alternative. It’s being able to become the most natural, glowing version of yourself and not anyone else. In a recent interview on the French channel TF1, a customer at the Face Kult massage salon in Paris described her experience with Botox and why she made the switch. "I found that it took away my personality, whereas here, it is me who lives again," the woman told Audrey Crespo-Mara of TF1. Face massage allowed that happy customer to keep her personality and feel like herself again.

After all, our faces aren’t just part of our personalities, they are also important ways for us to communicate with the world around us. The face transmits our thoughts, feelings, and allows us to connect with others, but it also says a lot about us as people. It’s this idea that Eric Standop, an advisor for powerful decision-makers, elaborates on in his TedxTalk about face language. From the lines to the colouring in your face, the way to express yourself speaks volumes about you. Therefore, a natural alternative such as face massage is interesting to anyone looking to boost their self-esteem, confidence, and transmit a more vibrant version of their true selves.

Credit: TedxTalk

| Visit Maison Ito

Are you ready to reap the transformative natural benefits of facial massage? If yes, then book an appointment to visit the salon in Barcelona and begin your holistic health journey. Maison Ito’s facialist Emilie Celine will be more than happy to discuss your wellness goals and craft the perfect massage for you. For anyone outside of Barcelona or Zürich, Maison Ito also offers the option to book an online private coaching session. In these sessions, Emilie can help guide you through how to effectively massage your face, as well as offer customized wellness tips.

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