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6 Health and Wellness Trends Worth Trying, by a Facialist and Fitness Coach | maison ito

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

For most of us, the word “wellness” conjures up a long list of mental images that range from sitting in Lotus pose to a diet of green smoothies, chia seeds, and other superfoods. But while many of the popular wellness trends can have an enormous impact on our well-being, some are more beneficial than others.

In fact, certain lifestyle habits are so advantageous, that you can’t help but wish you had discovered them years ago. But don’t fret. As the saying goes: “better late than never.” And considering the new, innovative wellness trends that are currently at our disposal, “late” is now better than ever before.

Credit: Peggy Janssen

Are you ready to improve your physical and mental well-being? Then make sure to give these 6 wellness trends a try.

#1 Holistic Japanese-Inspired Wellness

Western wellness and beauty trends have a tendency may focus on repairing the damage that’s already been done. In Japan, however, the emphasis is more on reliability, long-term results, and feeling whole from the inside out. And for this, a holistic wellness model is required. To help you reach a state of wholeness, J-wellness, or Japanese-inspired wellness, attempts to keep your mind, body, and soul at peace through combining all things Japanese: exciting technologies, cultural traditions, and a deep reverence and love for nature.

Shinrin-Yoku, for example, is a therapeutic and preventative healthcare practice that involves mindful meditation, breathing techniques, and connecting all senses to nature. Shinrin in Japanese means ‘forest,’ and yoku means ‘bath.’ This stands for ‘forest bathing”, or taking in the forest through our senses. Besides extreme relaxation, this form of ecotherapy brings forth several other health benefits, such as strengthened immunity, reduced blood pressure, lower stress, and even improved memory and energy, to name just a few. Interested in trying it out? Simply follow this short 5-step guide — you can either do this on your own or with other people, but not talking is a must.

  • Step 1: Leave all of your devices, potential distractions, and expectations behind, so that you can be fully present.

  • Step 2: Go to the forest and wander aimlessly, allowing your body to lead you wherever it wants to.

  • Step 3: Pause from time to time, take a deep breathe, and let everything soak in through all of your senses.

  • Step 4: Notice the earthy scent of the soil, the crisp colors of the leaves, the chirping of the birds, and the sensation of the ground beneath your feet.

  • Step 5: Find a nice spot to sit or lay down for a while. You can practice some meditation techniques or just take the time to notice how the behavior of the animals changes when they slowly become used to your presence.

#2 Rejuvenating Face Massages

Credit: Maison Ito

Who doesn’t enjoy being lulled into a blissful state of relaxation by a set of (sanitized) hands that are slowly working all of your facial muscles to give your skin a firmer and tighter texture? Professional face massages seem to truly be a gift from heaven. They give your skin a beautiful instant glow and are immensely relaxing. But did you know you can easily increase the benefits of a professional face massage by teaching yourself some self-massage techniques? Giving yourself a little daily face massage at home further improves skin suppleness and releases any remaining muscle tension. You may want to start with these simple self-massage tips on Style Magazin. Interested in learning more with personalized tips? Then take a look at Maison Ito's online self-massage classes offered by its founder and Facialist Emilie Celine.

#3 Lymphatic Drainage Massages

Lymphatic drainage is a therapeutic massage treatment that delivers the same level of pampering as a regular massage, but with more long-term benefits. Through light pressure and gentle, rhythmical strokes, a lymphatic massage stimulates the movement of lymph fluids, thus increasing the efficiency of your lymphatic and circulatory system. The lymphatic system’s primary roles are to collect excess fluid, purify it and return it to the bloodstream. When it fails to do this, these fluids can accumulate and end up causing swelling and infection. Besides reducing puffiness and giving your skin a beautiful, healthy glow, cleaning your lymphatic system is thus also a great boost for your immune system as toxins —such as excess water, metabolic waste, and environmental pollution— get flushed from your body.

#4 Digital Detox

No detox is more beneficial than a digital one. We feel that our smartphones make us less focused, making us more distracted and more distant from our real lives by constantly checking our e-mail, notifications, and Twitter.

Disconnecting uplifts both your physical and mental health. And taking a small break has a tremendous healing effect on your brain, helping it to relax and recharge. This can be in the form of a short weekend during which you turn all of your technological gadgets off, an inspiring yoga retreat, or even a nearby escape for calming replenishment in the crisp air of Switzerland.

Credit: Tedx Talks on Youtube

#5 CBD as Plant Medicine

Unless you’ve been having a year-long digital detox (in which case: congratulations!), you’ve probably heard of CBD. In fact, you might even know a couple of people that are already enjoying its many health and wellness benefits. Be it pain relief, better sleep, or less anxiety, this natural plant medicine is purported to ease many common ailments. More research is continuously being done, but the current studies and anecdotal evidence are very promising. But what exactly is CBD? Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the many beneficial cannabinoids found in cannabis. It’s available to anyone, doesn’t require a prescription, and can be bought in many different forms, such as oils, creams, pills, and even edibles.

And is it legal?

CBD is in fact both legal and illegal, depending on where it comes from. CBD and marijuana both come from the same plant, the Cannabis Sativa. A plant that’s been bred for many years in two primary directions: one to produce industrial hemp plants and another to produce marijuana plants. And as it’s the proportions of the plants that make the difference, this is where the line between legal and illegal lies.

#6 Smart Fitness

Touted as the future of fitness, Smart Fitness is becoming more popular. By making use of the latest technology, this allows you to break an intense sweat in the comfort of your own home. High-tech devices let you stream group classes in your living room —motivating personal trainer included— and even make it possible to set up an entire gym. You may have heard of Tonal, a wall-mounted display with electromagnetic arms and cables is one example of many. Are you more into cycling? Peloton and more recent Soulcycle bikes will probably be of interest to you. To combine polished home decor and exercising, Emilie Celine Facialist and Fitness coach recommends Nohrd wooden and innovative gym equipment. A must for eco-conscious fitness enthusiasts looking for design masterpieces for their home studio, or even in their office. If you’re looking for more variety in your workouts, Mirror, another wall-mounted interactive home gym that can serve as a cardio class, yoga studio, or even boxing ring, might be the smartest option for you. Which of these 6 wellness trends are you most excited about?


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