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Ice Globes: All Your Top Questions Answered | maison ito

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

blue ice globes on a book

Photo credit: Maison Ito

In recent times, skin icing has come up in various conversations with guests at our salon and some of our followers on social media. We’re more than up for discussions around it because we’re big fans of cold therapy, and we're proud to be the first wellness salon in Barcelona offering facial experiences with ice globes.

Ice globes, specifically, are one of the tools we get asked about more often. Is it because of their futuristic appearance? Or because of the mesmerising effect of watching facialists massage ice globes onto faces? Whatever the case, the time has come to explain in detail all about these little wonders! Learn more about the cooling wands every skincare enthusiast should know about. We answer all your top questions about ice globes below!

| What are ice globes?

Ice globes are cooling wands used in facials and face massages to soothe redness, decrease inflammation and prevent the appearance of large pores.

These cold spheres’ popularity is not surprising because the fact that ice is a good remedy for aching muscles is hardly a secret. Athletes have been taking ice baths for as long as events such as the Olympics have existed. Take British professional tennis player Andy Murray as an example. He affirmed having taken one ice dip before bed every night just to make sure he was ready and fit for Wimbledon!

| What are ice globes used for?

Ice globes’ cold glass stimulates blood circulation and oxygenates the skin to give a more firm and de-puffed appearance. On top of that, it also prevents the appearance of large pores. All in all, a blessing from above for your face!

| Who could use ice globes?

Anyone can use ice globes! These wonderful cooling tools give your facial muscles and tissue a little workout, which people from all walks of life and ages can benefit from.

We especially recommend facial massages with ice globes for those of you looking to reduce the appearance of dark under-eye circles.

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross and celebrity make-up artist Lisa Eldridge are among the celebs whose hearts (and faces) have been conquered by these extraordinary beauty tools. And you can definitely tell by looking at their healthy, glowy skin! Ice globes 1, dull skin 0.

| Are ice globes safe to use?

If you’ve followed us for some time now, you might know Maison Ito is all about natural, hand-made experiences. So the fact we use ice globes for our massages means three things:

  • They’re a non-invasive skincare tool

  • We truly believe in their benefits for the skin

  • They’re completely safe to use

| When should you start using ice globes?

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There is no rule that dictates when you can start using ice globes. According to Joshua Zeichner, M.D., director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center, our skin cell turnover slows down as early as our 20’s. By the time we turn 30, new cells are visible every 28-35 days (they used to be visible every 14 days or so when you were a child!).

Therefore, we would recommend you start to use ice globes regularly when you hit 30 because that’s the age when your face cells will start appreciating a little extra help to be refreshed.

| What’s the best time of the day to use ice globes?

You can use them anytime throughout the day! You can either choose to use them first thing in the morning before applying a primer or make-up, or at night before going to bed. Incorporating them into your night routine is actually a great idea if you recognise signs of eye fatigue.

We especially recommend you to use them if you’re looking to take a break from screen time. They can help you release tensions around your eyes and it would be the perfect way to have a well-deserved mini spa-like session. Remember to use an eye serum or light cream (2 or 3 drops would be enough) to enjoy a better glide across your face!

They’re also the must-use tool before an event: weddings, birthdays, dinners, photo shoots… Make sure you look and feel your best on your special occasion!

| Where can you get massages with ice globes?

woman having ice globes on her temples

Photo credit: Maison Ito, the Eyes Revival add-on experience

You have two options: get yourself a pair of cooling wands to give yourself a massage or trust a therapist to do so for you. Both options are great and totally recommended.

The benefits of getting it done by a professional therapist are:

  • The quality of the materials used is good to prevent any type of allergic reaction

  • The level of condensation of the globes is optimum to guarantee a pleasant experience

  • The size of the spheres is the correct one for the area treated

  • The right amount of pressure is applied to achieve either blood or lymph flow and to renew cells.

Our very own facialist Emilie Celine has a wealth of experience with ice globes, featured in the Eyes Revival add-on. The combination of her magic hands and the use of cooling wands can transform the look of your under-eye area. Say hello to Emilie, goodbye to dark circles!

| Why are ice globes good for your skin?

hand holding an ice cube close to a woman's eyes

Photo credit: Pexels

Here’s the secret: they’re good because they’re basically cold. Ok, maybe not so secret.

If you’re into cold therapy, you might be familiar with the benefits of exposing your body (or face in this case) to a cold environment for a controlled period of time. Ice globes are the greatest allies when putting this into practice. Unlike ice cubes, the liquid inside the globes’ glass won't freeze and provides a long-lasting cooling sensation.

These phenomenal futuristic-looking beauty wands are part of Maison Ito's add-ons menu, and we mainly use them during our Eyes Revival ritual to cool and depuff the eye area. High-quality ice globes allow a therapist to expose your face to cold in a safe way, with the added benefit of making it easier for them to manipulate the tools without the risk of anyone getting burnt! In addition, ice globes’ poles facilitate applying the correct pressure to your face.

| Do ice globes truly contribute to a relaxing massage?

Hand on heart, they truly do! These cooling wands contribute to any face massage to be an even more relaxing and pleasant experience. Some of the guests who have visited our salon in the past have fear of the cold, and they have genuinely enjoyed their experience with ice globes.

After a 60-minute relaxing face massage, 15 minutes of cold with these little coloured spheres will surely send shivers (the good ones!) down your spine.

| What’s the difference between ice globes and Kansa wands?

kansa wand displayed on a stone

Photo credit: Pinterest

They’re different tools but serve the same purpose! Kansa wands are the ayurvedic version of ice globes. Made of different pure metals (usually a blend of copper and tin or aluminum), Kansa wands are used in traditional Indian medicine for their detoxing powers.

Both tools soften fine lines and wrinkles and de-puff your eye area, but they feel different to the touch because the materials are not the same. You should also know that, combined with organic oils or serums, Kansa wands provide a warm sensation whereas ice globes provide a long-lasting cooling sensation.

Are you ready to give ice globes a try? If you’ve been considering giving cold therapy a go for some time, then ice globes featured in Maison Ito's Eyes Revival add-on are definitely a must-try. Whether you’re planning to say goodbye to dark circles once and for all, or simply enjoy a unique, relaxing experience, ice globes are the secret weapon even the most sensitive skins — and souls — should welcome into their skincare regime.


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