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8 Hidden Gems in Barcelona Both Travellers and Locals Will Love | maison ito

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Crédito de la foto: Casa Vicens, Barcelona

Known for its rich cultural scene, exceptional architecture, and unique and hidden corners, Barcelona is an amazing city to get lost in. It’s a place that both locals and visitors alike love exploring! Whether you’re visiting it soon or live here, there is a list of lovely oases for you to go, enjoy and relax in without leaving the city. These are the 8 hidden gems in Barcelona you can visit to reset your mind and recharge your energy!

#1 Jardin del Alma - Eixample

If you’re in constant search of the perfect spot for a chilled summer evening or a casual work meeting, you won’t be disappointed by Jardin del Alma. Located on the ground floor of Hotel Alma, we would dare to say it’s actually one of the most beautiful bars in Barcelona, and it’s definitely one of the most zen spaces in the city.

Jardin del Alma combines luxury with classic design. The bar pays tribute to its name (Soul Garden) by offering visitors a lovely green space where they can unwind, escape from daily life and enjoy delicious ‘tapas’ and exclusive cocktails. You can visit the bar all year round, but if you go to Hotel Alma in the summer, you can also enjoy their stunning rooftop terrace. If you do, make sure you order the Mediterranean Treasure. This award-winning cocktail is so exclusive you won’t even find it on the menu! Ask for it and consider it our little secret!

Discover more about Alma:

#2 Mirabé Restaurant - Sant Gervasi

Photo Credit: Mirabé

Looking for a place that gives you a full view of the city? You just find it. We’re talking about Mirabe, a magnificent restaurant in the Sant Gervasi neighbourhood in the upper part of Barcelona. The restaurant’s large windows and splendid balcony allow visitors to admire spectacular views with the sea in the background.

Offering a delightful Mediterranean menu, you can be joined by family, colleagues or friends to enjoy a meal at this marvellous venue. Spending the day with children? Mirabé is a stone throw from Tibidabo amusement park, which makes it an ideal place to stop to treat yourself with a refreshing drink or a nice meal after a morning of fun with the kids!

Learn more about Mirabé:

#3 Casa Vicens - Gràcia

The very first house designed by Gaudi, this picturesque architectural treasure is truly a gem. Located in the heart of Barcelona, this unique building is a Unesco World Heritage site. That doesn’t come as a surprise considering the house’s architectural style is a mix of Gaudi, Oriental, neoclassical and art-nouveau. A unique fusion we can’t have enough of!

This special house can be the place to go if you wish to wind down and enjoy an afternoon of art and culture. Visit the house’s lovely garden and coffee shop if you plan to get lost in a book. You can also come to exhibitions and other events such as concerts organised for special occasions!

Discover more about Casa Vicens:

#4 Ikibana Restaurant - Sarria, Eixample y El Born

There is no need to travel far to try delicious dishes from around the world! Ikibana is one of those unique gastronomical spots where you can enjoy excellent world cuisine in Barcelona. This fascinating restaurant specifically offers a fusion of Japanese and Brasilian food.

Located in Sarria, Paral.lel and El Born, Ikibana’s flamboyant interiors and greenery exteriors make it one of the most exciting restaurants to visit for a Friday treat or a couple’s night out. What is it going to be?

Learn more about Ikibana Barcelona:

#5 Pedralbes Monastery - Pedralbes

A jewel of Gothic architecture, Pedralbes Monastery is a 14th-century treasure in the sophisticated district of Pedralbes. This religious building complex is formed by a church, the Monastery itself, and a large and magnificent cloister garden. Declared a historical and artistic monument, this superb building is one of Barcelona’s best-kept secrets!

A unique cultural gem, this stunning building is a spot where you can immerse in history or go for a meditative walk. The monastery also creates the perfect environment for readers to get lost in a story.

Visit the monastery:

#6 Les Filles Cafè - Gracia

Instagram: Influencer Xuan Lan at Les Filles Cafe

Whether you work in the centre of Barcelona or are enjoying a walk in the busy Passeig de Gracia, Les Filles Cafe should be a mandatory stop! A sustainable coffee house with very neat interiors and a lovely outdoor terrace, you can come here to enjoy a brunch with friends or to simply spend time on your own. In fact, the cafe’s pleasant atmosphere makes it one of our favourite spots to immerse ourselves in a book!

Les Filles Cafe also offers a comprehensive menu that includes delicious brunch options alongside 100% ecological drinks. This vegan-friendly oasis also offers low-caffeine alternatives like Kombucha. This fermented drink is made from sweetened tea and is well-known for being high in antioxidants and being a source of probiotics

This cafe is a place especially frequented by people who work nearby. One of our favourite lady bosses Xuan Lan can actually be seen in the cafe’s terrace often!

Explore more about Les Filles Cafè:

Photo Credit: El Palace Hotel

We’re all about enjoying the city’s stunning views, which is why we believe this list wouldn’t be complete without the Barcelona Palace rooftop! Are you looking for a place to relax and treat yourself with a glass of wine on a Friday evening in the city? Or somewhere to go and relax with your partner or a friend over the weekend? Then this rooftop should be among your choices! According to luxury travel blogger Where Is Alby, the rooftop is the perfect spot to enjoy “wonderful panoramic views of the city while you have a delicious appetiser”.

It has definitely been THE place to go for winter plans. Transformed into a cosy Swiss alp “chalet”, the hotel takes care of every little detail when they pick a theme! In the last couple of years, guests have enjoyed cinema nights with hot chocolate and mulled wine; cheese fondue with champagne for two; intimate “après-ski” dinners for couples, etc. We simply can’t wait to see their plans for spring and to enjoy some open-cinema nights in summer!

Learn more about the Palace:

Photo Credit: Aire

If you’re interested in ancient wellness rituals and civilisations like we are, then you’re going to love Aire Ancient Baths. With spas all over the world, their Barcelona one is definitely our favourite! Inspired by Ancient Roman baths, this is a space fully “dedicated to the relaxation of body and mind in which time does not exist”. As relaxing as sophisticated, the spa’s dim lighting is halfway between being romantic and calming.

You can indulge in a unique experience immersing in their exquisite pools and jacuzzis, and even enjoying a glass of wine before you have a massage. Our bonus tip? A visit to these baths is certainly a great plan for couples to relax and chill out together! The spa has been visited by numerous familiar faces like singer Amaia Romero, model and presenter Eva Gonzalez or actors Ricardo Gomez and Macarena Gomez. Will you be next?

Explore more about Aire:

From spectacular outdoor spaces to lovely and sophisticated indoor gems, Barcelona never ceases to amaze us. The above 8 are only a sample of the many venues and places you can go to wind down and relax. Maison Ito is another spot you can add to the list of places to visit for a relaxing experience! Explore our menu to find out more about how we can guide you through a personal voyage of relaxation and skin rejuvenation!


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