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8 Empowering and Inspiring Women and How they Embrace Self-Care | maison ito

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Photo credit: Maison Ito

One of our favourite ways to try to be a better version of ourselves is reading about people who inspire us. Maison Ito was founded and is run by a woman —Emilie Celine— who believes self-care is a way of life. This got us thinking about women with unique stories who also give the same importance to self-care. How inspiring would it be to learn more about them — and from them?

Because we believe sharing is caring, we’ve compiled the portraits of 8 women whose self-care approach we admire and believe it’s part of their success. If you’re ready for a good dose of female empowerment, read on and meet them!

#1 Xuan Lan

Photo: Xuan Lan, on the cover of Forbes Spain (February 2021)

Who is she? The queen of online yoga and healthy lifestyle

Why she is inspiring: Followed by over half million people on Instagram, Xuan’s is one of the best-known faces in the world of yoga amongst Spanish-speaking communities. Her simple but effective views on a healthy lifestyle and her charm have made her the go-to instructor for anybody interested in practicing yoga from home. This Vietnamese born, Paris-raised, Barcelona-based yogi has been practicing yoga for almost 20 years and claims her mission is to share her knowledge with as many people as possible.

Her self-care tips we love: Xuan understands the importance of combining yoga with other self-care practices such as sleeping well or eating healthy. Xuan’s daily routine includes drinking two glasses of warm water with lemon before morning meditation - which aids with digestion and helps stay hydrated, among other benefits. She also avoids any screen time right before bed and encourages everyone to drink calming infusions to get a good night’s rest. Her favourite? Lemon verbena! Let’s try it!

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#2 Rachel Hollis

Photo courtesy of Rachel Hollis

Who is she? The wellness author and podcaster you should listen to

Why she is inspiring: We think all working moms are superwomen, but Rachel takes the whole concept to the next level. Juggling several professional projects with being the mom of 4 children, this wellness podcaster is also the author of “Girl, Wash Your Face”, hit #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list. If that was not enough, she’s the CEO of the Hollis Co., a lifestyle brand that provides people with the tools to make positive and lasting change.

Her self-care tips we love: Rachel combines work and childcare brilliantly. She even makes it all look simple! Her secret? Lists! Being a mother to 4 kids requires lots of planning ahead, which she claims it’s how she makes everything work! So what about self-care? She also plans it! Rachel’s morning is the time that she dedicates to taking care of herself: she wakes up before the kids; writes in her journal; sets her intentions and works out! And she really seems to put all her advice into practice! A true inspirational girlboss that we can’t help but love.

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#3 Nieves Alvarez

celebrity woman with business outfit

Photo credit: instyle

Who is she? A fashion expert who embraces everyday wellness

Why she is inspiring: Nieves was chosen by Harper's Bazaar Spain as one of the most influential women in Fashion. A former supermodel, Nieves worked with big names in the haute-couture world such as Christian Lacroix, Giorgio Armani, or Oscar De La Renta, to name a few. After retiring from catwalk modeling, she’s consolidated as a TV presenter and a recognised children’s fashion designer, a job she combines with being a mom to 3 children.

Her self-care tips we love: Nieves affirms she tries to dedicate time to self-care every single day. Aware of the stress her work involves, she claims switching off her phone and all devices are the best way to disconnect and escape from everyday life. She believes wellness is all about feeling happy with yourself and spending time with family and friends. To top it off, she relies on cold therapy (splashing lots of cold water on her face is a self-care routine she inherited from her mom!) and natural, non-invasive facials. She’s our absolute soul mate!

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#4 Vanesa Lorenzo

Photo credit: Vanesa Lorenzo

Who is she? A wellness guru with a mission to pass her legacy to children

Why she is inspiring: This multi-talented woman is a model, influencer, and lifestyle guru who has recently published her second book “Crecer Juntos” (Growing Up Together), a publication she’s worked on with the help of Children’s yoga specialist Catherine Esteve. A vivid yoga practitioner herself, Vanesa was inspired by her two daughters to write this book. She opens up to readers about her search for resources to cope with parenting challenges and explains the connection of these struggles with kids' yoga.

Her self-care tips we love: Vanesa’s website and blog not only focuses on yoga and healthy lifestyle, but also on the joys and adventures of motherhood and how to inculcate self-care values to kids. Some of them include respecting the time we invest in resting, gentle stretching, and breath work every day. Ready to put into practice Vanesa’s vision on positive discipline with your children? Watch the below video with 8 essential tips from mum of 2 Ysis Lorenna, and feel inspired!

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#5 Julia Navarro

Photo credit: Julia Navaro