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The Top 5 Reasons You Should Get a Beard Massage Right Now | maison ito

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

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Photo credit: Maison Ito, The Beard Man massage

A beard is a unique symbol of masculinity—and your beard is a distinctive part of you. How you sport your beard says a lot about your personality, and while you can play with the length, style and shape, there is nothing more attractive than simply prioritizing a clean and healthy beard. 

But with endless itchiness, irritating stubble, dry skin, and patchiness, caring for your beard has seemed more like a chore above all else. But it’s time to break away from those conventional beard oils that you stroke into your growingly unruliness—a professional beard massage is the new deluxe key to sporting well-maintained facial hair with ease.

Exclusive salons are now offering such top-notch services where you can expect a relaxing beard wash, face cleansing with products according to your skin type, an uplifting facial massage, and finally, a massage specific to your beard.

On top of being a rejuvenating treat for gentlemen, this process moisturizes, promotes facial hair growth, and leaves your beard smooth, clean, and smelling distinctly fresh. Here are 5 incredible ways this luxurious facial experience can improve the look and feel of your beard.

#1 Eliminate Beardruff

Dandruff, those dreaded white flakes that fall from your hair and onto your shoulders like snowflakes, are signs of a dry, irritated scalp. This means you need intense, calculated care at the root and scalp to bring the hair shaft back to life. If the root is suffering, your whole head of hair ends up lackluster as well. 

The same applies to beards. Like the hair on top of your head, your beard requires maintenance to remain healthy. If you are experiencing dandruff in your beard, also known as beardruff, it’s likely that the skin underneath your facial hair needs some refinement. A deep beard massage strips away any built-up dead skin cells while the massage dives deep into the parts of your complexion that have been long neglected. Massaging, hydrating, and nurturing the skin everywhere on your face is paramount to its performance.

#2 Take Care of Yourself & Your Health

Just like the other muscles in your body, your facial muscles should be “exercised” for optimal health. Your face is comprised of a web of muscles, so massaging facial muscles is just as important as any fitness routine. It’s a unique workout resulting in a very relaxing yet revitalizing state.

Using just the power of a facialist’s hands and natural botanicals, these non-invasive facelift massages stimulate the blood and lymph systems. They promote renewal, bringing freshness and softness to your skin and your beard—two top priorities for bearded gentlemen.

#3 Throw Out Itchiness & Welcome Cleanliness 

When you don’t give your beard the same care as the rest of your skin and body, things can get pretty uncomfortable. A recent study conducted in Switzerland found that men’s beards can hold more germs than dog fur. This is due to the skin underneath your beard being harder to reach and therefore rarely receiving the moisturization it deserves. 

“Unkept beard hair not only look unkempt but feel unkempt, too” says Emilie Celine, facialist at Maison Ito specialized in natural facelift massage and beard massage that use Japanese-inspired techniques. “If you’re experiencing itchiness, rash, or tightness around that area, your beard needs a weekly natural beard shampoo and monthly beard massage.”

#4 Nurture & Grow Your Hair

Just as a hair wash always seems so much better and lasts longer when received at a hair salon, a professional beard massage makes it easy to evenly distribute beard oil and hydrate the skin. Achieving this level of deep moisturization and protecting the skin underneath the hair is vital for beard growth and encourages the follicles to grow evenly, resulting in a patch-free, healthy beard.

The stimulation from the facialist’s hands throughout your beard also works to nourish your face follicles which create the perfect environment for more growth. While the swiftness of beard growth is actually due to genetics, a facial massage increases circulation and boosts oxygen flow to your face, leading to thicker hair.

#5 Become a Finely-Bearded Gent

“Did you know that samurais used to give themselves face massages to relax their mind after intense battles?” says Emilie Celine, explaining that it was a calming tradition fit for even the most macho of warriors. “It has been passed down for generations,” she adds.

“It’s now being said that Japanese massages, most notably Kobido, are not suitable for bearded men. But it’s a matter of simple adaptation,” she explains, saying that now that many men are sporting beards the Japanese massage can still be beneficial for bearded men as well. “So I’ve upgraded these sophisticated Japanese experiences by including customized beard massage using woody aroma that leave men with a relaxed, warm vibe that really lasts.”

Where to Find a Luxe Beard Experience

Maison Ito is proudly introducing the first face and beard massage combo located in the heart of Barcelona. Their beard ritual has been created inspired by Anma and Japanese techniques originally developed for samurais after their long fights, as Japanese practitioners were supposed to keep them healthy and fit.

It includes a beard wash, a face cleansing, then a massage for your face, neck, shoulders, scalp, and beard. The beard ritual consists of a moderate to deep tissue massage with all-natural French and Swiss-based products. It’s all customized with specific skincare and oud or wood-scented beard oils for a gentleman's needs. 

Maison Ito created a place of relaxation where manliness, beards, and handsomeness live in harmony. If you need a place where grooming and growing your beard is taking care of within the same room, pay us a visit.


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