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Best 7 Health & Wellness Trends You Can’t Miss Out in 2021 | maison ito

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

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How we put wellness into practice is constantly evolving: the way we work out, the food we eat, the products we put on our faces, how we rest…Wellness junkies as we are, we couldn’t resist diving deeper into what 2021 will bring with it in terms of health and wellbeing, and we can’t wait to share the elements of wellness skyrocketing in popularity this year!

Aware that wellness isn't one-size-fits-all, our mission is to summarise the findings of our research and share valuable information that could be of use depending on your wellness goals. For that, we put our Sherlock Holmes hat and did a little bit of investigation!

Ready to learn more about what this year will look like from a wellbeing perspective? Prep yourself a cup of tea, sit back, and discover the best 7 health and wellness trends you can’t miss out in 2021!

#1 CBD: the beauty ingredient on everyone’s lips (sometimes quite literally!)

bottle of oil with cbd leaves

Photo credit: Pinterest

Have you noticed many wellness and beauty products such as creams, oils or lip balms use cannabidiol (aka CBD) as one of their main ingredients? The popularity of this active ingredient of the cannabis plant has risen exponentially over the last few years, and we expect it to make its definite way into our natural remedies and beauty shelves in 2021!

The benefits of this naturally occurring compound has truly marvelled us: it eases headaches and aching joints, relieves anxiety and skin conditions, relaxes and rejuvenates all parts of the body… it simply sounds like magic! However, as wellness experts —and also as consumers— we believe it’s important to clarify what makes CBD similar and different to marijuana. We know your concerns because a) it’s natural to have them, and b) they’re the same as ours!

CBD is an essential component of medical marijuana. It is, in fact, one of the hundreds of components of the hemp plant, which is actually a “cousin” of the marijuana plant.

According to James MacKillop, co-director of McMaster University’s Michael G. DeGroote Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research in Hamilton, Ontario, CBD “is promising in a lot of different therapeutic avenues because it’s relatively safe”.

There is still much we don’t know about CBD, so we look forward to 2021 shedding more light on its many benefits!

#2 Personalised nutrition: tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are!

man's hands cooking veggies

Photo credit: Mind Body Green

Whenever we have some issues with health, our doctor’s advice is to eat more vegetables and fruits, reduce sugar and fried food intake, and exercise regularly. Do you feel you’ve heard this a million times? It is because we have been listening to all these generic nutrition tips for ages.

In 2021, we say hello to personalisation!

Personalised nutrition is gaining prominence amongst consumers as we acquire greater awareness of the benefits of a customised mix of nutritional ingredients at effective and safe doses. A personalised diet takes into account factors such as age, gender or health status.

As more and more of us begin to understand the importance of food to overall well-being, we also start to learn more about the role gut health plays in it.

Why giving love to our gut is important?

All of us have millions of bacteria living in our intestines. Collectively, these bacteria are known as gut microbiome. What’s the connection between gut health and a personalised nutrition? The microbiome differs from person to person, hence a diet that works for one person might not work for the other.

All food will ultimately enter the bloodstream and be delivered as nutrients throughout our bodies, but this is only possible if we have a healthy digestive system. How to achieve this? Personalised nutrition!

Then, how can you get a personalised nutrition plan? Remember a nutritionist is always the best resource to find out what will work for you! After talking with a specialist, you can get some extra help from technology such as Lifesum, an app that helps you plan your meals, track your goals and that shows the nutritional information of each product you buy when you scan its barcode.

Certainly something to add to our wellbeing checklist in 2021!

#3 Shoku iku: the time has come for a better and smarter connection with food

japanese ramen on a wooden table

Photo credit : Pinterest

Closely linked to the above trend, establishing a better connection with food will become a big priority in 2021. With this purpose in mind, the Japanese concept of Shoku iku seems to be gaining steady ground in Western countries.

Shoku-iku refers to food and nutrition education. A nature-based philosophy on how to adopt a sustainable, well-balanced lifestyle, Shoku-iku aims to expand our food experiences while tailoring our diet to our individual needs.

Some of the pillars of this Japanese approach include eating whole foods, adding a wide range of nutrients and minerals to our diet, or forgetting about calories and focusing on what our stomach demands. It also adds a social aspect to our routine, as one of the main principles of this Asian philosophy is to share our meals with family, friends, and others, and focus on the joy and emotional needs from food.

#4 Breathe your way into better health in 2021

How good are you at breathing? We all believe we are really good at it. After all, we’ve been doing it since we were born! Even though breathing is something we do instinctively, did you know there are mechanisms that can help air get into our lower lungs or help us relax and release tension?

The interest in “breathwork” is expected to spike in 2021, because breathing properly can actually change your life for the better. Techniques and methods such as Pranayama can become the key to experiencing a balance between relaxation and alertness.

The below TEDx talk by Lucas Rockwood, a yoga teacher trainer, digital nomad, and green food junkie, might be enlightening. Press play and dive into the world of breathwork!

Credit: Youtube TedTalk

Do you experience any discomfort when breathing? Then you might find interesting to learn more about air purifiers in 2021! Among the many benefits of using air purifiers, we can highlight the fact that they eliminate odours, capture germs, and provide cooling when needed.

All in all, air purifiers are just an extra help to breathe correctly in 2021!

#5 J-Wellness: a world-growing trend that is here to stay

stool and bath in a japanese designed bathroom

Photo credit: Pexels

In recent years, the world has been turning to Japan in search of tips for longevity and preventative healthcare. That doesn’t come as a surprise taking into account the country’s comprehensive culture of wellness.

2021 seems to be the year when the principles of J-wellness will consolidate into Western society. With the world with eyes set firmly on the Tokyo Olympics, the forecast is for Japan’s culture and traditions to get more attention than ever before.

The land of the rising sun’s rituals and philosophy have been gaining strength over the last years, and they are expected to attract even more interest in 2021. Inspired by Japanese Kobido, Maison Ito has embraced J-wellness since we first opened our salon!

Are you interested in infusing your life with J-wellness this year? Indulge in the world of Japanese Onsen, hara hachi bu or kintsugi by reading more about these centuries-old rituals and how they can make you happier and healthier!

#6 Digital wellbeing: the rise of wellness and health apps

seated woman holding a phone

Photo credit: Meditopia

Technology has been present in our daily lives in 2020 more than ever before. We have enjoyed and benefited from its many advantages throughout this extraordinary time. In specific, apps have played an important role during the coronavirus pandemic: they have facilitated social distancing, staying in touch with friends and family, and keeping track of our health.

Coinciding with the first lockdown, 37.8 billion apps were downloaded in the second quarter of 2020. It was projected that by the end of that quarter, health and fitness apps would have generated 656 million downloads! With these numbers in mind, it’s undeniable that the popularity of this type of apps has taken over the digital market.

This year, two of our recommendations for you to try over the course of the year are Headspace (an app that helps you meditate and learn mindfulness skills, recommended by experts and entrepreneurs) and Meditopia, an app whose mission is “to help people all over the world discover happiness within themselves and develop the mental resilience to apply to their daily lives”.

#7 Digital detox for the whole family

shadows of a mother and her daughter running on the beach

Photo credit: Unsplash

We can also mention the downside of technology as digital detox (a self-initiated period of abstinence from using digital devices, especially social media) becomes also part of the health and wellness predictions for 2021.

Studies claim the less we use social networks, the better mental health we get. Researches have also revealed the connection between a heavy use of social media and poor sleep quality (especially in teenagers), not to mention that looking at a small screen for long periods of time contributes to headaches, migraines, and problems with vision.

All of this might lead many of us (especially professionals and families with children and adolescents in the house) to reduce the use of devices, and specifically social media throughout 2021. A trend that applies to both kids and grown-ups, digitally detoxing with the whole family it’s expected to become the next big thing over the course of the year.

Inspired by this idea? Check out eight stunning health and wellness destinations you can consider for your 2021 digital detox!

Does any of the above trends sound like something you’d give a try in 2021? If you think any fit your lifestyle and health choices, turn them into goals! Whether it be applying principles of Japanese wellness to your life or getting a digital detox with the whole family, there is always a new way of boosting your wellbeing.

For further trends and wellness tips throughout 2021, make sure you follow Maison Ito on Instagram or like our Facebook page!


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