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Facial Massage - 5 Surprising Benefits That Go Beyond Relaxation

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

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It's such a nice feeling when I'm passing by the guests sitting at the terrace of Café Schober, the century-old café just downstairs Maison Ito. They are savouring their delicious pastries and I can easily see their smiles, beginning in their eyes and spreading through their faces.

One’s face says a lot about one’s thinking, and about oneself.

Here is why we recommend to pamper and massage it. Besides obviously relieving pain and relaxing the muscles, facial massage offers some surprising benefits that will make you wish it could be a daily treat. It relieves not only the tensions in your face but will leave you as a fluffy marshmallow moving on the Limmat River. Keep reading to find out the 5 surprising facts about facial massage.

#1 Gives a Workout to your Face

The famous fashion blog, Man Repeller says ‘A Face Massage is like pilates for your cheeks. This is the best feeling in the world.’ We couldn’t agree more at Maison Ito.

Our face has 43 muscles which we hardly exercise. Massaging the face is waking up those – often-ignored – muscles with manual techniques that bring blood flow to the facial and skin tissues. This naturally enhances the face and its texture. It basically takes your face out for a workout, just like clean eating and fitness exercise can transform the body. Magic really happens, the face instantly looks more toned and sculpted.

#2 Creates Royal Natural Radiance

Have you heard about Meghan Markle’s beauty routine on how she maintains that impossibly dewy glow year-round? Simply combine facial exercises and facial skin massage done by an expert. 'Don’t forget the massage' says Harper Bazaar in its royal revelation's article. As an example, the facial massage therapist will slide her hands repeatedly under the cheekbones, that will appear instantly rounder and higher on the face. We also recommend a daily self-massage at home between appointments to keep always improving your skin texture and tone. At Maison Ito, we make sure that you can extend the beneficial effects of the massage at home, with facial exercises.

portrait of meghan markle with a radiant face and wearing an elegant black hat
Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex

#3 Boosts Collagen

Facial massage helps to bring oxygen and blood flow spurring collagen production. This is a painless procedure, a natural anti-aging skin care that gives a healthy and natural glow to the complexion. Facial massage is needle-free and a perfect treatment for those who can’t tolerate highly active ingredients and who would rather use natural products.

#4 Detoxifies the Body

Facial Massage has lymphatic draining super powers. It removes wastes such as toxins from the face and the body. The lymphatic system runs alongside your vascular system. It can sometimes become sluggish, causing those toxins to stay in the body longer than they should. Facial massage is a little boost to get it working back to its best levels. Good to know – the treatment is even more beneficial to people who are likely to retain water.

#5 Is the Best Summer Cool Down

As things heat up, having a facial massage in the shade is a low-fat treat, and so refreshing. The natural oils used by the therapist nourish your skin and calm it at the same time. Combining it with soft cold-stones therapy – asian-inspired – and some brass-made tools to absorb heat from tissues, your facial massage will do wonders to your skin. A must to get rid of puffy, dark circles.

This final trick for a summer treat is to add aromatherapy to the facial massage for an amazing sensorial journey. We recommend to stop by Maison Ito and to extend the benefits of the massage, relaxing in a cool bath. Add a few drops of organic essential oils to the water – peppermint, spearmint, or lemon are a summer must to cool down mind and body. Bonus fact, they help keep bug bites at bay.

Whether you're looking for some stress relief, an ultimate royal gym session, or a treat to cool down, facial massage has you covered.

Be sure to share your post facial massage feedback, at or tag @maison_ito, #maisonito and #boostyourfacesteem – we would be happy to hear from you! Treat yourself, Emilie

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